The List

Welcome to The List! Here is where I share my absolute “go-to’s” and recommendations of my personal favorite spots for all things beauty and fashion. As I am constantly traveling from coast to coast, it took years to find the salons and shops that I could truly rely on from head to toe. All of these places I have personally been to, experienced myself, and still go to today!


Salon Lux, 24 & Van Dyke. Stylist Recommendation: Rayanna Laham

Davi Nails, 14 & Van Dyke.

InStyle Nails, 16 & Crooks * OMG SO PRETTY!

C’est La Vie, 12 Oaks Mall. Shop for the latest trends & hottest fashions!

San Francisco:

Atelier Emmanuel, Union Square. Stylist Recommendation: Ali Moss

Bloom Blow Dry Bar, West Portal.

Lash Lab, 2113 Union St.

Stephanie Page Shideler, Free lance stylist. E-mail: (my personal go-to!)

Want your business to be on The List or have a recommendation for me? Feel free to e-mail me at to chat as well as inquiries and opportunities!


Alyssa Camille

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