It’s been ForEV. #LifeUpdate

Where has 2017 gone?! As we’re reaching the halfway mark, thought I’d do a quick bullet point wrap up on some pretty big things that have happened this past year so far!

  • 4 New clients for my business.
  • Booked a last minute trip to Hawaii.
  • Got high for the first time.
  • Made a whole new circle of friends.
  • Gained 2 (solid) best friends.
  • Got a FISH. ❀ Theo πŸ™‚
  • Started talking to more strangers. Making friends.
  • Learned self-defense.
  • 3 trips to the ER.
  • Hair = Shorter, BLONDE!
  • Learned how to long board.
  • Gained a bad habit of gambling.
  • Lost the bad habit of gambling.
  • Had a heart to heart with a stripper.
  • Gained another (solid) best friend. (not the stripper)
  • 5 inches from Taylor Lautner.
  • LAS >> DTW: HOME.
  • Bae met the parents – WOAH.
  • Lost a best friend.
  • Learned how to cook PHO.
  • Built my own office. (video soon!)
  • Made a coffee shop my 2nd home.
  • Wore less makeup.
  • Found a love for antiquing. #newhobby
  • Hiked Smith Rock. (almost died)
  • Got an Amazon Echo (for Sam!) (possibly gaining a new best friend, Alexa)

…and this weekend? We’re off to SeattleΒ for PRIDE,Β then off to San Francisco and back to Washington!Β Can’t believe how much my life has changed this past year and we’re only halfway there. Overall, this past year has been absolutely liberating, taking the reigns on my life and truly embracing who I am. Every single day I’ve been making a conscious effort to be a better person and be good to people. Life and God truly do respond.

“You’re always one decision away from having a totally different life.”Β 

^^ one of my favorite quotes because it’s absolutely true. What one decision can you make towards have a different and better life? Ultimately, a better you?


Alyssa Camille


P.S. Β Hopes for the rest of the year?

  • Another tropical vaca.
  • YouTube Channel.
  • More blog posts!
  • Back to school.
  • Doubling the profit of my business.
  • INTERNATIONAL clients.
  • Lose 15 pounds.
  • Eat better, live healthier.
  • MORE hikes!



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