My Favorite Travel Hacks!

Hi guys! I am finally somewhat settled into my new place in Oregon! So far it has been an overall comforting and refreshing feeling to be back. Being in the Pacific Northwest, I’m excited to be more in tune with nature and live a slower paced life where I can really focus on being creative and value the more important things in life!

I’ve been traveling back and forth from east to west consistently for the past 5 years now and am happy to share how I make my travels easier, smarter & as painless as possible when getting through the airport! I have become absolutely OCD about traveling and need every single little thing to be perfect! Hope you guys find these helpful, let me know which ones you utilize best!

Travel Hack #1: Packing Cubes!

Can’t even tell you guys enough how much these totally save SO much space but also TIME! I really appreciate these the most when it comes to unpacking and organizing once you get to where you’re going! Having everything organized in cubes really helped me be able to see how much of what I’m bringing. The cubes below are organized by mostly undies stuff and the big cube with all my bottoms and even though the bags say “laundry pouch” I totally stuffed my tanks, tops & socks in there instead!

*The cubes also act as a cushion while you can layer more clothing on top with or lighter/fragile things in between!

These cubes were sent to me from @travelnoire but you can find them on Amazon!

Travel Hack #2: BYO Tumblr/Coffee Cup

Rather than spending $3 – $5 on a drink at the airport, bring your own empty cup to fill! Whether hot or cold bring your own tumblr to save money and your own drink that you like to fill up once your past security! There are plenty of water bottle stations around the airport and you can also just ask for hot water at Starbucks for tea which should cost nothing or just $1!

Travel Hack #3: Press & Seal for Jewelry

No one likes getting their jewelry tangled and untangling chain necklaces probably takes up 1/16th of your life. Place your necklaces between to layers of press & seal and easily pack them however you’d like – tangle free!


Travel Hack #4: Reusable Shopping Bag/Dust Bag for Carryon

I only like to bring one bag on the plane and that’s usually my Kate Spade purse! Having to stuff it underneath the seat in front of me, I hate for it to get damaged! Bring a re-usable shopping bag like this one and use it as a dust bag to keep your designer bags from getting kicked and scratched during the ride. Usually designer bags come with a dust bag on their own so you can use that as well! I have this one from Forever 21 to also use as an extra bag in case I need it for extra shopping and things to carry around!

Pro Tip: Having only one small bag to worry about when traveling allows the chances of getting a better seat on the plane if your airline has “open seating.” That way, you don’t have to worry about overhead bin space only being farther in the back and can grab a seat closest to the front – also allowing you to get off the plane even faster!

Travel Hack #5: Plastic Wrap for Toiletries

I used to tape the lids of my toiletries down but found trying to peel the tape off super annoying when I got to unpacking. Placing plastic wrap between the bottle and the lid is a super easy and time-friendly way to prevent any sort of leakage in your bags!

Travel Hack #6: Ear Buds around Business Card

Because no one has time for untangling head phones either….!

Pro Tip: In case you meet someone important or special on the plane, wrap your headphones around 2 of your own personal business cards. 1 to keep your head phones untangled and 1 ready to give out!

Travel Hack #7: Cushion for Your Makeup!

Prevent your makeup from cracking during a bumpy ride by giving them a little cushion. Here I used paper towel but you can also use cotton rounds/squares to place between! Other hacks say to use cotton rounds but I hate to waste those so I use paper towel instead!


Travel Hack #8: Being Prepared Pre-Flight!

Before you head to the airport make sure you have these things easily accessible and know the following things for checking in and getting past security smoothly and quickly:

  • Your ID: Asked for twice at checking in & security.
  • Flight Confirmation #: Asked for at checking in! Screenshot your booking info for paperless docs!
  • Laptop Easily Accessible: Has to be taken out when going through security!
  • Liquids Easily Accessible: Amount in total equal to the size of a sandwich bag!
  • An “Easy” Outfit: My outfit is always something equivalent to what I like to call my “mall/shopping” outfit. Something that’s easily to slip in and out of and super comfortable for walking around! (usually one layer & leggings) What’s most important about your airport outfit is your shoes! I absolutely hate having to take the time to zip, tie, unzip, untie my shoes at the security line and hate waiting on people to do the same. (told ya, OCD) An easy pair of flats or sandals depending on the weather make your time getting through security much faster!


I hope you guys find these useful! I use each and every single one of these hacks and find that they make my travels run super smoothly and stress free! Let me know which ones your fave and happy traveling, everyone!


Alyssa Camille

P.S. Who wants to do a blogger meet up? Portland >> San Francisco >> New York are set on the calendar! Shoot me an e-mail, loves! ❤

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