New Blog. Who Dis.

Okay not really a whole new blog but HEEEYYY! I’m back! *CUE BACKSTREET BOYS SONG* Holy cannoli it feels SO good to be writing up on WordPress again. Where have I been you ask? Let’s just say my life has changed drastically in just the past 5 months which is SO exciting but also truth is –’s domain has been lost in a pool of domains that I’ve been also trying to get back for 5 months as well – BUT I GOT HER BACK!! Weee!

Looks like things around WordPress have changed too. FINALLY a better support team! (Thank you to “The Eagle” for helping me get my blog back. You were such a great help it should be ill-eagle!) HA!

What’s new with me since we’ve last talked?! Okay just to sum up a few things:

  1. I’m moving to Oregon.
  2. I have black hair.
  3. I started my own business. (check it out here!)
  4. I’m totes in love. (& they totes actually love me back!)
  5. I’m embracing color.
  6. We’re down to 1 cup of coffee a day.


I am SO overjoyed to be writing on again & is it weird to say that I just I missed me so much?! All I want is to write a million blogs and give you guys so much content! With that said, as I’m on to my next adventure in life this blog will be too! Just a few upcoming posts up my sleeve: My Adventure to Oregon, Trip to New York, My Home Diary (SO EXCITED TO SHARE THIS),  My Travel Hacks (This week!), All About My New Business, and much more!

Now working from home, I have plenty of time to be back and blogging again. So here is my formal hello! I hope everyone is having an amazing 2017! I am belatingly (totally made up that word) wishing you all a year of happiness, prosperity and success! Talk to you soon!


Alyssa Camille

(God, that felt good.)


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