How I Get My Big Wavy Hair!

“That’s why her hair is so big, its full of secrets.” IMG_7114

No secrets here, ladies. I am happy to share how I get my big voluminous waves. All my life I’ve settled for nothing less than big hair. Naturally, my asian hair is super thick but of course for me it’s not enough. I always get asked how much easier or harder it is to do my hair since I’ve cut it short and I have to say its all about having the right tools. With short or long hair, it seriously only takes me about 15-25 minutes to blow dry and curl with 25 minutes would be me taking my time. Seriously! I know it’s hard to believe with how much hair I have but I promise it’s true. So here are my favorite tools listed below and some of my favorite tricks:


NuMe Magic Wand – 25 MM Wand. I absolutely LOVE this wand! I have tried so many different kinds and this one I highly recommend to get lasting curls but also to get your hair done FAST. It heats up super fast to a temp as high as 450 degrees and I can always count on this wand to give me my bombshell curls.

*Trick – Even if you’re a total pro at using a curling wand, still use the glove! When you have the glove on you won’t have to be so pre-cautious to accidently burn yourself and you can get your hair done much faster! Promise!

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NuMe Signature Dryer – To add extra volume before and after I start curling, I blow dry with NuMe’s Signature Dryer. I love this dryer for not damaging my hair and keeping in the moisture so my hair stays shiny and smooth. It works super fast when I run through it with a roller brush and can start curling right away.

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*Trick – I’ll turn my head upside down while I’m drying my wet hair to pull my roots up as I blow dry. Also, after I’m done curling I’ll do the same and hit the blow dryer at the roots to add some extra oomph!

Little Wonder Brush – After everything’s curled I let them cool down. Once their cool I turn my head upside down and brush them out with my fingers. Still upside down, I take this teaser and brush up the roots but also keep everything smoothened out.


White Truffle Shampoo – SMELLS YUMMY.

White Truffle Conditioner – LEAVES MY HAIR SO SOFT OMG.

White Truffle Leave In Conditioner – I put this in my hair right before I blow dry. Working the product with the roller brush from my roots to the ends, this leaves my hair moisturized with extra shine.

Elnett Hair Spray – Favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite hair spray of all time. I cannot cannot cannot say that enough. This hair spray has has 4.5 stars but absolutely deserves 5. We all hate crunchy hair sprays but love them because they make the curls last but fear no more with Elnett as it’s alllllll in one. It’s a bit pricey for a drugstore hair spray but totally worth it. Your hair really is touchable and your curls or what ever style you’re rocking will actually last all night!

Like I said, it seriously does not take long for me to do my ‘do at all. My routine is super simple and something I never stress to do. It really is all about the tools to get your hair done fast and efficiently while at the same time achieving a look you absolutely love!


Alyssa Camille


FTC Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links from NuMe Products as well as sponsored products. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions and reviews are genuine and my own. 

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