Have the Best Summer!



There’s a reason why I came home just in time for Summer and thats because there is nothing like a summer in Michigan. Two weeks in, I’ve already made memories I’ll never forget and with that I can definitely feel how amazing the rest of it is gonna be. This summer I am working for a digital marketing company which means I’m literally staring at a screen all day. As much of a tech nerd I am, as soon as 5 o’clock hits I can’t wait to actually slam my laptop shut. (seriously) So one of my goals for this summer is to completely detox from technology (when I can!) and keep my inner spirit as positive and pure as possible!

So here are my 5 tips to have the best summer this summer all gadgets aside:

  1. Find Your Escape: There’s something about being underwater that I’ve fallen in love with. When I’m in need to tune the world out and need a detox from technology I go to the one place where technology can’t exist – in my pool. Whether your escape is biking, running, kayaking, or playing a sport, make an effort to be outside more this summer by doing something good for your soul and in turn, your health too.
  2. Make Plans: Currently I am in the works of planning 2 summer parties, 2 group activities for me and my friends, and a possible camping trip up north. I’m excited for each of my weeks to have a special event happening to look forward to that I know will be lots of fun. Also, it’s always rewarding where at the end of the day I see my friends having fun from something I planned and know that I made an amazing summer happen for myself. Besides the average nights of going out, make something special happen!
  3. Read a New Book: Although this could fall under finding your escape, a summer read is super important and more fulfilling than you think. Right now I am reading “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero, a NY Times Best Seller. I love it so far because its a self-help book that actually keeps it real and not cheesy AF. Some self-help books out there make me wanna throw up and the only time I’ve felt that way is on Sundays laying on the beach because I’m hungover but have the comfort of this good read by my side.
  4. Fall in Love With Your City: Like I said in my last post, I’ve fallen in love with Detroit. Almost every week I’ve made an effort to discover something new and it never disappoints. I’ve found it super “cool” in a person that knows all about where they’re from and can play tour guide even to the locals. So whatever your city is known for, go to those places or adventure out to find the hidden gems. There’s nothing more exciting than exploring new territory that you get to call your own.
  5. Make New Friends: Don’t listen to Drake. HA jk but no seriously, if you’re trying to get over your ex this summer DON’T LISTEN TO HIM. Anyways…Let them sit with you! (yet another cheesy pop culture reference) I’m so grateful for the new people I’ve met over the past few weeks that I’ve found myself hanging out with almost every day. They’ve made this summer so far amazing by introducing me to new places and new people with whom I’ve been lucky to share with all of the above.

In just the past two weeks I’ve managed to find myself at the pool almost everyday, watch fireworks from the highest rooftops, ride a bike down the riverfront, ride a mechanical bull, dance my heart away on top of a yacht, be at the lake every weekend, paint on my first ever canvas, jet ski through some giant waves, and consistently be surrounded by amazing people that I get to call my friends. Besides keeping myself busy, waking up reading my devotionals and mentally preparing myself to be positive has kept my spirit in tune and calm allowing me to enjoy life as much as possible. Waking up earlier, breathing, relaxing music, and candles have also made a difference in my downtime at home. Every minute of my summer I hope for my spirit to feel free and pure from all things toxic and artificial. My best of wishes to those who want the same for themselves too!


Alyssa Camille


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