Live Unapologetically.


Happy International Women’s Day! One of my favorite things about being a woman is the power I feel when I’m in my favorite pair of heels. Don’t ever underestimate the high click when I walk, as I promise you that every step is a stomp towards changing the world.

I would say apologies about the lack of posts lately but I am currently working very hard on a huge project that I am super excited to announce..hopefully soon –  & that I am NOT sorry about! With that said, I did leave San Francisco in order to follow this particular dream and there’s no looking back. With this secret still under wraps, I’m not afraid to say that I’m doing exactly what I want and I’ve never been happier. Some of the greatest women in the world achieved their success by doing what they want and by living unapologetically themselves. Inspired by women who found their purpose and create their own empire, I hope to do exactly that.

Just wanted to put a quick post out there to greet all the beautiful women in the world and to remind you all that your voice is now louder than ever. In today’s mainstream world, women like Emma Watson, Patricia Arquette, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce are all using their profession as a voice for others, challenging the world by creating awareness towards issues such as gender equality, racism, sexual assault, and more. We all are very aware of Beyonce’s recent “Formation” performance on racism and Lady Gaga’s Oscar tribute performance to rape victims. Let’s be inspired by these women today by not being afraid to speak up on anything and know that we all have more of a purpose. I hope today as women, we can remember who are are and know that we can all easily be leaders towards gender equality by simply remembering that we have a voice. Know that your opinion is worth hearing and when you’re passionate about something, don’t back down.

To live unapologetically is to never feel bad about the things you do or feel but of course with the respect of others in mind. Still ask questions, still admit to your weaknesses, still listen, and still let others speak but never allow the judgement of others to prevent you from speaking up. Once you’ve mastered the art of not caring about what others think of you, you’ll find it much easier to completely be yourself and live an unapologetic life.


Alyssa Camille

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