I’m Basic AF and So Are You.

Okay seriously what does that even mean? “Basic.” WHO CAME UP WITH THAT? I don’t think there is a pop culture term happening right now that makes me more upset than this. Literally, this word is used to be the trendy and chic way to call someone trashy and boring. What? I don’t think this generation could get any worse by coming up with a cool way to put others down. With no signs of this sad moment in pop culture disappearing any time soon, let’s just take to a moment to evaluate what we’re really saying.

From what I’ve observed through social media memes and personality quizzes on BuzzFeed, a girl characterized as “basic” is someone who is visually unappealing due to her lack of originality in style. She’s usually wearing a NorthFace jacket, LuluLemon leggings, Ugg Boots, has a below the shoulder hair cut with fresh highlights or poorly done ombre, an Iphone in one hand, Starbucks cup in the other, and likes mainstream products and music. We all know this girl, we’ve all seen this girl, and I would be a total hypocrite if I didn’t say at one point in my lifetime I’ve never been this girl.


First off, let’s just talk about the numbers because those cannot lie. The average price for a Northface jacket is around $149.00, Ugg Boots $160.00, and LuluLemon Leggings $98.00. She’s probably carrying a Michael Kors Bag too so lets throw in another $250 for that alone. Without accessories, the cost to be basic is about $657.00. As I am writing this right now, I am wearing my Forever 21 jeans costing $12.00, my H&M top $30.00, my jacket $50, and my boots I totally scored on sale at Target for $20.00. My personal grand total comes to $112.00. With my outfit being the complete opposite of someone considered basic and even though I am styled with a little bit more pizazz if must say so myself, I think it’s only fair to say that the “basic bitch” may have a hustle in her harder than I. & what else do the numbers alone say about her? I’m pretty sure her hustle to be able to afford these mainstream brands is very far from basic and this is what actually defines her worth.

I would say, maybe we caught her on a bad day and the misjudgment of characterizing her as “basic” could be invalid…but why should we care? Can we please stop criticizing unoriginality and let the girl order her fro-yo in peace?  If you have the power and “knowledge” to be able to distinguish or recognize someone who is basic you probably aren’t yourself, correct? But if we all literally just ordered the newest colors from Kylie’s Matte Lip Kits and are trying out Anastasia’s new cream contour kit, we all are just another clan of basic bitches too. When destigmatizing the entire concept of “basic” there really is an underlying certain hypocrisy behind it all. 

And besides this entire trend of blank identification being about the way she looks (which btw is mildly racist considering it is mostly a white-girl on white-girl insult), pop culture has also made an effort to distinguish attributes of a “basic bitch” by the things that she likes as a negative thing. So what if her favorite movie is the Notebook? So what if she wants to Instagram her food? If a lot of people do, doesn’t that mean she has good taste? Let’s just put this straight – Liking something popular doesn’t make you lame. I honestly see more girls with perfect eyebrows and chiseled faces than I do her! If anything, SHE’S DIFFERENT. She’s the one who actually stands out & who is to say she does for a bad reason? WE ALL LOOK THE SAME TOO.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 2.52.45 PM.pngNot to mention all the memes or comparison snaps on Cosmo of a glittery poop emoji next to the regular poop emoji; ME vs. YOU?! Or the unicorn emoji next to the horse emoji?! This is seriously another way pop culture is glamorizing a way to put down others…WE ALL CAN HAVE GLITTERY POOP BECAUSE WE ALL CAN BE UNICORNS TOO!


Just as much as I preach and encourage others to wear whatever you feel or something completely out of their comfort zone, I’d like to put it out there that being comfy and looking it is okay too. So let’s not only show ourselves some self-love every now and then but same love to others. Next time you see a girl who may fall into the “basic” category, try not to judge and remember the actual definition of the word, “the essential foundation to something,” which when it comes to her? You don’t know anything about at all.



Alyssa Camille

One thought on “I’m Basic AF and So Are You.

  1. Just because her outfit is more expensive, doesn’t mean she hustles harder because it could’ve been on daddy’s tab.

    Now, comparing yourself to her is like comparing apples to oranges because you don’t know her.

    She may hustle hard or she may not; but her style is not hot. From a visual perspective, north face, lululemon pants, and uggs are just random to put together visually (and I do understand that they’re comfortable) … But do us, who put effort into dressing up a favor, and at least look decent… That’s a San Francisco thing though, we aren’t a fashionable city… Fashion isn’t common here because we perpetuate the “wear what you feel like” culture instead of inspiring others to dress up (and I’m not asking people to dress expensively).

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