16 Beauty Habits for 2016!

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Happy New Year, everyone! Let’s welcome in 2016 with a better and more beautiful you! “New Year, New Me” is totally last year, know that anything you’ve been through wouldn’t have made you the beautiful creature you are today. Inspired by Thought Catalog’s list of better lifestyle habits for the new year (linked here), I’ve come up with my own list of beauty habits that we all should take on this year to be better but most importantly, feel better. In no particular order, ladies, take note!

  1. Bubble Baths: Let’s think about how much time we spend on our phones laying in bed consuming social media and the Internet. Now think about doing the same thing but in a pool of pink sparkly suds. Not only will it feel amazing but put the phone aside, tune out the world, and find some peace of mind while giving your body a treat! My current favorite Lush Bath Bomb here!
  2. Exfoliate: Whether at the end of your bath or in the shower let’s learn more to descale. A lot of beauty brands have made it as easy as slipping on a glove. Find your perfect exfoliant glove and pair it with this yummy sea salt scrub from the Dead Sea!
  3. Visit a dermatologist: Some women forget to realize that a dermatologist is not only a specialist in skin but also in hair and nails. Whether it’s treatment of acne or feeling a new cosmetic procedure, let a dermatologist answer the questions that your favorite beauty guru can’t. Find one near you here.
  4. DIY beauty: Being a woman is hard but your beauty routine shouldn’t be. Yogurt, Oatmeal, a few drops of honey… & we’ve already tackled number 5!
  5. Face Masks: Ever notice how 3 step skin care regimens never include a mask? The cleanser, the toner, & the moisturizer are not the only things a girl needs! Either DIY your own mask with the recipe above or grab my personal favorite!
  6. Clean Your Makeup Brushes: Why do we not do this enough? I think that our logic behind when to do so is if we’re going to need them the next day and can’t wait for them to dry. So! Grab yourself an extra set for while your favorite ones are drying off for no more excuses, lady!
  7. Cleaner Diet: Sticking to an NYE resolution of having a healthier diet can seem overwhelming. Pick one guilty pleasure of high sugars to get rid of this year, but also find your substitute! Read here for 33 ways to satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way!
  8. Find your signature: If your friends could rely on you for one beauty product to always have in your bag what would it be? A stash  of lipsticks? Mascara? Liquid liner? Mine would have to be lash glue as you’ll never find my eyeballs bare of luscious length & vol. Find your Adele liner or Scarlett red lip to make a beauty statement that simply says YOU.
  9. Play with makeup trends: Once you have #8 established, time to have even more fun. Check out ELLE Magazine’s 2016 top beauty trends here!
  10. Get your makeup done: Did you know that at Sephora you are always entitled to a free 15 minute mini-makeover? Whether it’s time to step up your contour game or get the perfect matte lip, make the most out of your Sephora experience and leave always on fleek!
  11. Experiment with hair styles: Life’s too short to always have the same hairstyle is what I like to say but as much as I say it I don’t follow through. So stay tuned this year for a dramatic color change or maybe a bang! Harper’s Bazaar’s list of hair trends for 2016 is EVERYTHING.
  12. Step up your brush game: Take care of your locks effortlessly by letting the tools do it for you. With new technology infused in brushes, our hair can be 10x healthier and look even better without any thought. Learn and find the perfect tools here!
  13. Blow out your hair: Consider this one to be a guilty pleasure but TOTALLY worth it. Ever since I started getting blowouts, I probably don’t know how to wash my own hair anymore thats how often I’ve been going…but you deserve a treat! Trust me, you won’t regret it!
  14. Get rid of old makeup: Spring cleaning is coming early this year and there’s no better way to start it off than with a fresh face. Ask yourself when’s the last time you’ve used a product, if not for special occasion. JUST TOSS IT! And duh, make room for all the new makeup coming in!
  15. Take care of your feet: You work so hard and those heels are so high! Your feet don’t get enough thanks for all that they do. Give them some TLC with a relaxing foot bath or an at-home remedy with aloe lotion and fuzzy socks!
  16. Take off your makeup: GRR! This is the one thing I’m always yelling at my friends about. At least hit it with a face wipe, ladies! REPEAT. HIT IT WIT A WIPE. Vow to never have your pillowcases covered in face again.

So what’s the main reason why we aren’t doing majority of these habits that are super important? For a lot of us, because of time! Make time for yourself this year to take care, to pamper, and to indulge!


Alyssa Camille

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