It’s Now or Never! 

Hi, ladies.
Just wanted to encourage everyone to wear their sparkly heels, fur vests, leather pants, or printed jacket today. Heck, wear them all at once. There’s no such thing as a fashion “risk” in my book. Anything you desire to wear that makes you happy is a risk for others not for you, for them to be challenged, inspired, or entertained!

Even if you’re just running errands, doing laundry, or going to the bank, lets inspire other women to be fabulous too, shall we? Pull out that ridiculous floral dress your best friend made you buy and mop around the house like the Swiffer commercials while jamming to Adele’s new album. (Which is AMAZING btw!)

Today I am rocking my long black trench coat and a hot pink dress with a hairstyle that just seemed too fun and convenient to pass up (half up messy bun with curly big waves)!

Remember that Carrie Bradshaw never became a fashion legend by wearing a t-shirt and jeans or anything even near mediocre. If you have a giant tulle skirt, don’t stop there and pair it with a base-ball tee. There’s no better time to be fabulous than now.


Alyssa Camille


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