23 Adult Micro-Habits?

Ugh. I’m growing up.

Am I ready for 23? I’ll let you know in a few days..but I can definitely tell you I’m over 22. To briefly reflect on the past year, it was a year full of lessons learned (the hard way!) & growing fully into the woman I am today. It’s funny going about my days and catching my new “adult” micro-habits that actually reflect coming of age…

  1. I’ve come to the point where my calendar is organized with labels, color codes, & is accessible on all my devices.
  2. With my days filled with all things fashion and beauty…school, 2 salons, teaching a class, & free-lance work has kept the Starbucks on Union St. in booming business.
  3. I work multiple jobs not because I have to but because I love to.
  4. Marketing conventions are my desired Friday night as I look forward to the free goodie bag filled with hand sanitizers, pens, & portable chargers.
  5. My friday nights have to end early having to teach on Saturday mornings.
  6. Going out on a Saturday night means going somewhere exciting enough to have fun but quiet enough so me and my girls can talk.
  7. Topics now include: how to properly ask for a raise, credit scores, the best hospitals in the city, who your chiropractor is, & whether this massage therapist takes insurance or not.
  8. Everything I own is either black, striped, or gold including my business card and coffee tumbler.
  9. Jangly jewelry is now distracting, trashy, loud, and just isn’t as efficient to get things done anymore.
  10. My handwriting is becoming more & more like Dr.’s chicken scratch rather than beginners cursive.
  11. My e-mails now contain a “signature” with all my contact info & also the number to my “work phone.”
  12. I’m choosing to keep my hair short not just because I like it but because it’s more efficient & faster to do in the morning.
  13. I have the confidence to leave the house with no makeup & wet hair as my $400 lash extensions (that I get for free!) are just enough.
  14. Red wine is growing on me and I can now properly pronounce “Pinot Noir” & “Sauvignon Blanc,” thanks to the wine pourers that have taught me at tastings.
  15. Frequent purchases include: expensive leather cleaners, throw pillow covers to match with seasons, & high thread count sheets.
  16. I’m no longer afraid to communicate to my bosses openly about my ideas, feelings, & needs.
  17. My checking/savings accounts are clearly labeled with “spendable, emergency savings, beauty fund, Christmas fund, & travel funds.”
  18. I am no longer shopping at Forever 21 and am never splurging yet investing in quality boots and jackets to last more than 3 seasons.
  19. I feel competitive with my friends when we have dinners as far as who is the most domesticated that brought the best dish to the table…sharing recipe’s saying “Oh I just got it off Pinterest!” to act modest.
  20. Adele songs aren’t as painful anymore.
  21. Re-decorating the house for every holiday in a timely manner takes priority and more time than actually being able to enjoy the decor being at home.
  22. Daily morning reads now include “Starting Your Day Right” by Joyce Meyer, Business Weekly, & Cosmopolitan’s Career articles versus the sex & love columns.
  23. The only Kardashian that actually inspires me is Kris Jenner & her work ethic.

Although they may seem like small things compared and I don’t mean to sound conceited but I am excited about these micro-habits as they’ve kept me focused on an ultimate goal I wasn’t able to see before. It has taken me way too long to figure out what I want but I am proud of my acquired taste level and who I am in order to find that. Coming in to be who you are is the most important thing in order to understand where you want to be…which brings me into already feeling my new state of mind. My “New York State of Mind” to be more specific, as I can officially say that “The Big Apple” is in my near future. EEEEP!

With my birthday being in just a few days from now (Friday!), it’s time to say goodbye to a year of diddly-daddlying & time to get sh** done! 23 is gonna be a big one!


Alyssa Camille


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