Nordstrom Fall Beauty Trend Show [RECAP] ! 

My first Nordstrom Trend Show was a total success! I can’t believe I haven’t started to attend them until now, as I will mark my calendars for every future one at the beginning of each season. Waking up at 6 am on a Saturday morning was totally worth the trek downtown. My roommate, Nadia, was not as excited about waking up for it as I was, but as soon as those golden elevator doors opened and we were immediately greeted with tote bags full of goodies and free breakfast, the indulging began.

The event was hosted by Nordstrom’s Beauty Director, Joelle Russo, who I look to as a woman that women can trust. Immediately starting off with free give-aways to tease us for the rest of the day, we walked onto the runway with the most gorgeous male models I have ever seen in my life on the stage…Josh & Matt ❤ *sigh* I was already pleasantly satisfied with my first trend show with only being there for less than 5 minutes and little did I know what else to expect! Looks for this fall’s hottest trends walked up and down the runway including leather pants, luxurious tweeds, and feathery furs. I would say that the looks applied more to a bit of an older market for my taste, but some pieces were absolutely to die for, especially, the shoes. Ugh! Don’t even get me started on the shoes. Peep toe suede booties and chunky 70’s inspired heels are in my Nordstrom shopping cart already.

“The Graphic Eye” & “The Bold Lip,” were the main focus of the show’s biggest beauty trends for fall. With presentations and tutorials from each of the beauty brands Nordstrom carries, we were taught how to get that sexy smoldering look and luscious lips. The personalities, by the way, representing each brand absolutely captured the audience with their humor and unforgettable beauty language. I learned new words and phrases to add on to my beauty glossary such as “Diorable” and looking at a bottle of perfume as my “genie in a bottle.” Exclusive prices and packages were available to only attendees of the event that they shared with us through out the show. I was seriously drooling over Lancome’s Auda[CITY] eyeshadow palette and I could literally feel my money flying out of my wallet.

As soon as the show finished, Nadia and I sprinted and pushed other beauty junkies out of the way to Bobbi Brown as they announced the first 20 people at the counter get a free deluxe size eye cream and concealer. Thanks to George at BB for wakening my eyes with their eye brightening concealer that I also felt working in my skin through out the day. The rest of the day comprised of Nadia and I sitting our pretty selves at different counters getting our makeup and hair done playing with new products. Thanks to my girl, Kailee at MAC for giving me a look I would never do myself! The lipstick I grabbed from her, “All Fired Up” is officially one of my new favorites. Also, can’t forget to mention Nadia’s fan girl moment getting her make-up done by the one and only Victor Cembellin. I myself, was also a bit star struck.
Although I am very loyal to my blow dry salon, I was very impressed with Dry Bar’s new collection of hot tools and product. Amber styled my hair perfectly to the T as I gave her specific requests, “big, curly, & almost fro.” Done with the 3-Day Bender Digital Curling Iron, my hair was left so soft and looking even healthier than it was 15 minutes ago.
Two brands I specifically want to mention and highly recommend to check out are 8G & Pinrose. 8G founded by Dawn Russell, diagnosed with cancer at 25, shared her supplement that gives us an easy way to boost our greens intake on the daily. The tablet is packed with 8 different greens and features ascorbic acid, niacin, vitamins B3, B5 and B12, zinc, sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate. This was one of my first purchases of the day and I am excited to try it and share! (stay tuned for that review!)

Pinrose is a luxury fragrance brand based in San Francisco. The co-founder, Christine Luby, looking ever so bright in her hot pink dress that I am OBSESSED with, was there to share a technology to help non-perfume wearers like me find the perfect scent!  You can now call me a “Secret Genius,” as that was my result after taking my “this or that” test on their ipad. This scent specifically was warm, vanilla-y & carmel-y, and was told that I would “melt hearts.” With such a scent I could totally currently use a love potion. 😉


Nadia and I left Nordstrom that day looking super on trend, bodaciously blown out, and smelling unforgettable. Our tote bags were filled with gift cards, samples, and so many goodies I cannot wait to try. Purchases of mine included products from MAC, Clarisonic, Bobbi Brown, and Kate Somerville. Did I mention that our ticket for the trend show was a Nordstrom gift card for us to splurge and spoil ourselves through out the event? Well it was & we absolutely did.

Find a Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show near you, here.


Alyssa Camille

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