Lash Lab & Union Street Wine Walk 2015!


I was so excited to play “host” once again for this fall’s Union Street Wine Walk. Last time around, Lash Lab was the attendee’s favorite and I wanted to make sure our stop was up to par. With over 500 attendees coming in and out of the salon I would definitely say it was a successful night! I absolutely love hosting this event as it is not only beneficial to our business as Lash Lab and the sponsored winery but a chance for the community and everyone on Union St. to come together.

Here are some photo’s from the evening:



Thank you to Tom at Rosenblum Cellars for pouring glasses all night and being such a wonderful winery to host! Also, for being ever so generous with my personal glass! 😉 I am mostly a white wine kind of girl but the Petite Sirah (red) was super fruity and delicious! Rosenblum Cellars is all about Zinfandel and makes over 20 different types. With the winery being found in the East Bay, they are definitely one of San Francisco’s favorites and now one of mine! Check out more about Rosenblum HERE!

To our new clients that we booked that evening, I am excited to have you come in! It was such a great night celebrating two of my favorite things, lashes & wine!


Alyssa Camille

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