October is Here!

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Oh my dear, Kate Spade, to “have them in stitches?” Looks like I’ve already conquered October because I already do.

YAY! It’s October! So many fun things happening this month and I honestly feel so relieved that I am physically and mentally transitioning into a new chapter. September was packed with constant changes and transitions, literally from one side of the country to the other, and now that I’m back in SF, it’s time for moving from one side of the bay to the other. Oi! I am so glad to be done with September as I worked my a** of to get where I am now. I’m surprised I didn’t end up in actual stitches with how hard I worked, but there’s definitely a lot of bruises and bumps.

I am so happy and humbled to say that I got everything that I wanted and planned for. The goals that I reached this month took a lot of patience, hard work, but most importantly, time with God. A new job, new place, new connections, and new discipline are some of the things I pushed myself for in September, which now has brought me to a very busy but exciting October.

October for me, is all about rhythm. To finally be able to manage my time and days with a flow where I can fully enjoy life and each aspect of it. Since being back in SF, my days consisted of making sure I had the basic necessities to get me by. Now that I’ve been provided with it all, I’m excited to simply live!

LIVED by this quote every week, and every goal was achieved!

“A goal without a plan is just a wish!” 

Some of things I’m excited for this month: 

  • Shoots on shoots on shoots! Already have my weekends booked for doing hair & makeup with some of the Academy’s best photographers. Stay tuned for all things beauty & behind the scenes!
  • Union St. Wine Walk. October 8th! Excited to play “host” and make Lash Lab once again the favorite on the street! Bring your glass and come get “lash’d” with me! Tickets HERE!
  • Treasure Island Music Festival. October 17th & 18th. Tickets HERE!
  • HALLOWEEEEN! ❤ Still brainstorming about my costume…hint….MOO!

But again, priorities, girl. School is going amazing and I am so excited about the current projects I’m working on. Thinking of making a “Portfolio” page on here so I can share exactly what I do! “NO, I am not a designer.” Now being at Bloom and Lash Lab, my days are absolutely packed but of course with all things beauty and fashion that make me ever so happy! I finally get the keys to my place TONIGHT! & will being moving in this weekend. My new roommates are super cool and I’m excited about such a diverse group.

With that being said, I couldn’t have gotten through September without HIM! Thank you, God for consistently providing and always coming through. There were so many “God moments” this past month where I simply lost my breath and had to close my eyes in thanks. Every morning I woke up and made it priority to spend time with Him and every single moment I felt distress or fear of the unknown, I would say in my head, “I’m trusting in you.” I really do feel Him working in my life, guiding all my days and decisions. Finally I feel a peace in my heart and have a clear head of the things He wants for me and a trust in what He has planned.

So, Welcome October! I am so ready to conquer everything and anything that is ahead…stitches and all!


Alyssa Camille

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