No Place Like Home

With just a few hours before my flight back to SF, all I can do to relax is reflect. As I reflect back on photos, pages in my journal, and outfits to pack up, I can only laugh and shake my head at the past adventures God has given me. When I first decided to go home for the summer, I honestly wasn’t sure why. My spring semester was probably the most stressful semester I’ve ever had and it was a bit scary to feel that God was leading me home. So many obstacles were in the way with wrapping up another chapter in SF but it all came through. Little did I know what was waiting ahead for me.

All I wanted for this summer was to have fun and relax and boy, did God give me it all and more. Here are some of my favorite photos from this past summer that are too memorable not to share.

IMG_0975 IMG_0990 IMG_1003 IMG_1569IMG_1236

 IMG_2703IMG_2578 IMG_3055IMG_3354IMG_2764 IMG_2981 IMG_2989  IMG_3102

IMG_4045  IMG_4109IMG_3695 IMG_3142

Looking back at all the fun I’ve had, I believe God decided that I just needed a break. There were just enough nights of living it up as there were days of relaxing and writing by the pool. I think its so important to visit where you come from so that you’ll never forget. With San Francisco being a hard city to live in and sometimes losing my way, I feel so blessed that I am able to remind myself that there really is no place like home. This summer I was reminded of what is most important in life and that really is the simple things; family, friends, and the endless possibilities of finding happiness in the easiest ways. I am so happy to have met so many new people and strengthen my relationships here at home. With my flight being in just a few hours, I thank God for all the adventures, the relationships, and most importantly, the lessons He gave me this summer. 


Alyssa Camille

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