Cameron Can Change the World

A sappy goodbye song or a speech of advice just didn’t feel right when sending off the baby bro to college, this felt more appropriate. 🙂

Cameron Can Change The World


I hope you learn to make it on your own

And if you love yourself just know you’ll never be alone

I hope that you get everything you want and that you chose

I hope that it’s the realest thing that you ever know

Hope you get the pretty girls, that’s pretty at everything

Million dollar cribs havin’ million dollar dreams

And when you get it all just remember one thing

Remember one thing

One man/Cameron can change the world

One man/Cameron can change the world



Wassup Cam, we at your graduation party.

If we embarrass you, then sorry, we aint sorry.

Today’s all about you, this is your big day.

So listen right quick, cuz we got a lot to say.

Can’t believe how much you’ve grown, were all so proud of you.

Of all that you have done, and all you bout to do.

You were just a baby eating toilet paper.

You loved NSYNC and didn’t care about the haters.

Knew all the presidents on the dollar bills.

Played every instrument cuz you got mad skills.

Now you off to big things, KCC and OU,

Remember school comes first before you find yourself a boo!




School’s number 1 but don’t forget to have fun.

Stay up late, procrastinate, just get your work done.

It’s okay to mistakes, as long as you learn.

Turn up but call UBER & just know tequila burns.

Make good friends, see new places, and keep an open mind.

But college can be hard, don’t forget to unwind.

Use your talents and your looks to get all of the baes,

Just say hey whats up hello, 1738!

But on the real, lets turn down, we’ll leave you with this..

From your favorite cousins, and from your one and only sis.

Our parents always taught us have good manners and respect,

Love God, care for others, give but don’t expect.

Don’t forget where you come from, stay true to who you are.

If you ever need your family, you’ll find us at the bar!


Written By: Alyssa Camille, Rhonda, Reena, & Rachel Dollente

Vocals: Alyssa Camille, Rachel Dollente

Piano: Reena Dollente

Drums: Rhonda Dollente

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