My Makeup Essentials

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Imagine leaving your entire makeup collection, including your brushes on top of your car and driving away. As a total makeup geek and beauty enthusiast, that would be an f***ing NIGHTMARE. Knock on wood, that has never happened to me but unfortunately just last night to my best friend. Getting this news I had to extend my condolences and pray for a miracle that it would somewhat turn up.

Now, some people (especially men) may not get it because makeup can be a superficial thing but a makeup collection takes years to build. Not to mention one of quality and all your essentials can cost up to thousands! I take pride in my makeup collection and my essentials kit, as it has taken a lot of hits and misses, returns and exchanges, and plenty of embarrassing break outs to find what works for me and what doesn’t! Here is my list of makeup essentials that have stayed in my kit all these years.



Benefit Porefessional $20.00 – For me, this creates the perfect canvas and smooth surface to apply my foundation. Leaves my skin feeling so soft and matifies me for the rest of the day.

MAC Fix+ $22.00 – I spritz with this before and after I apply my makeup. So double priming and as a setting spray after to lock me in. I love a dewey look and this totally does it!

Foundation & Powder: 

L’oreal True Match $9.99 – The formula for this foundation is unlike any other foundation I’ve tried. It literally does everything that you need it to do. It is so blendable, buildable, and always leaves me flawless with the perfect glow. I could go on forever about this foundation. Comparing it to my MAC, Kat Von D Tattoo, Chanel Vitalumiere, my True Match always wins.

Lorac POREfection Baking Powder $33.00 *ON SALE RIGHT NOW $19.80 – I usually hate powders because I just think they are the perfect ingredient for a birthday cake face but this powder is so lightweight and sets my foundation just enough. Super blendable and control shine.

Rimmel Stay Matte (not pictured) $4.99 – This is my go-to drugstore powder. Super affordable and leaves a shine-free complexion.


Maybelline Instant Age Rewiind $8.99 – A bright under-eye is so pretty to me and this brightens me up and even boosts my energy just putting it on.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit $40.00 – Now this is the fun part. The shades in this contour kit are so versatile and are everything I need when sculpting and defining my chubby cheek face. All the rave that you are hearing about this palette is so true. Makes me look 3lbs lighter if I must say so myself.

Elf Blush & Bronzer Duo (not pictured) $3.00 – This compact has always been super convenient. As a NARS Orgasm and Laguna dupe, these two paired together are what I go to for a quick everyday look and are great for touchups on the go.


MAC Coygirl $22.00 – My favorite blush EVER. I am not a big blush person and you won’t find many in my collection but this one is a staple and perfect for my skin tone and the perfect flush.

NARS Mata Hari $30.00 – Similar color to MAC’s Coygirl but a different finish. I love a pink cheek almost doll-y look and this is my go-to. Mauve-y blushes are my absolute FAVE.


It Cosmetics Creme Illuminizer (not pictured) $24.00 – I am still new to this brand and haven’t tried much of their stuff but since my mom gave me this highlighter, I have been obsessed! Especially in the summer time I love to have a glow. It Cosmetics is known for their innovative formula’s but still with healthy ingredients. I don’t have many high lighters but this one is silky, hydrating, and just enough shimmer!



*THE ORIGINAL NAKED PALETTE $54.00 – Surprise, surprise. If I could only have one eye shadow palette for the rest of my life, I don’t think it’s no surprise that this would be the one! There are tons of dupes out there for the perfect neutral eye shadow palette but the infamous Naked Palette will always win hands down. Need I say more? The hype is real.


Urban Decay Half Baked (not pictured) $19.00 – Although included in the Original Naked Palette, I’ve hit pan on this eye shadow years ago. Having to by a single pot because I am OBSESSED, this is the most beautiful shimmery gold to ever exist. Staple. Essential. MUST.


Urban Decay Primer Potion $20.00 – This primer creates the perfect canvas, boosts the shadows color, and makes your eye look LAST! Nuff said.


Benefit They’re Real! Push-up Liner $24.00 – When I first heard about his eye liner I was super hesitant about how it would work and apply. Since getting it, I’ve found that this way of application is absolutely GENIUS! I am definitely a gel liner girl as it feels more pigmented and doesn’t fade. This product is totally fool-proof and doesn’t smudge! Lasts all day.

ELF Liquid Liner (not pictured) $2.00 – ELF products never fail to amaze me when it comes to the quality for such an affordable price. I love the brush on this product and it is easy to apply too.


L’oreal Voluminous Building Mascara $7.99 *currently BOGO @ ULTA – The only kind of lashes I like are LONG and VOLUMINOUS. I can always count on this mascara to give me a full and dramatic look. The brush is thick and never clumps!

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara (not pictured) $22.00 – My favorite high end mascara hands down. I love when a mascara is buildable yet doesn’t get clumpy. I count on this mascara for length and volume and am obsessed with it’s creamy formula.


Lash Lab Mink Maxi 3 $32.00 – The bigger the better, am I right? These mink lashes as big as they are, look so natural and I love how they define all my looks! I get up to 30 wears out of these lashes, as they are a cotton band that is flexible and strong but still super light to wear.

Eylure Texture #154 (not pictured) $4.99 – Although, I am so loyal to LASH LAB and my mink lashes these are my go-to drug store lash when I’m not willing to spend such a pretty penny. What I love most about these are the curl in them as a lot of drug store lashes haven’t had enough curl for me compared to my minks making them look more natural. They also have a tapered end making them look super real!


Ancy Adhesive (not pictured) $10.00 – Lash glue can be super risky to buy and Ancy Adhesive is the only glue I’ll ever recommend. Duo and others dry hard which ultimately at the end of the night when pulling your lashes off, could pull out your natural ones itself. This glue stays tacky til the end of the night being safer for your natural lashes!


NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder $5.99 *Currently BOGO @ ULTA – I apply this with a MAC 266 angled brush. I strongly believe that the key to a good brow is a good brush. With this cake powder I mix the dark powder with the gel for a smooth and locked in application. I have been using this kit for years and am always re-buying religiously!


Revlon Lustrous Lip Color (not pictured) $7.99 – The formula for this lipstick is so buttery and smooth! I hate a lipstick that dries out fast and doesn’t last. All of my lipsticks from this line have been so moisturizing and long lasting. It is so rich in color and the selection of colors are endless! My personal favorite colors are Sassy Mauve, Blushing Mauve, and Iced Amethyst!

Milani Color Statement Lipstick $5.99 – My collection of these gold tubes is ever so growing. Yes, my goal is to ultimately own every single color. All you need is one swipe of this stick as the colors are so rich and smooth. My go-to colors include Plumrose, Pretty Natural, and Pink Nude.

NARS Satin Lip Pencil (not pictured) $26.00 – I love the definition these give my lips as being a pencil application. Super saturated colors, creamy formula, and long wearing formula!

NYX Slip Lip Pencil $3.49 – Again, my biggest pet peeve are drying lip products! These liners are glide and smooth on easily. My favorites are Nude Pink and Mauve.

Carmex Lip Balm $1.59 – The medicative formula keeps my lips smooth and hydrated, also prevents cold sores and has a cooling effect for cold sore relief. I use the jar packaging for when I have cold sores and this works so much faster and better compared to Abreva! (which is $19 BTW!)



Coastal Scents 22 Brush Set $59.95 *Currently on sale for $34.95 – This set contains all the essentials you’ll ever need. I have been using Coastal Scents brushes ever since I started wearing makeup and still use the same first set I’ve ever bought. These brushes have gone through hundreds of cleaning routines and have still lasted me all these years. They pick up product efficiently and are still super soft.

MAC 266 Small Angled Brush $20.00 – As mentioned in my essential brow kit, this brush is so versatile for my brows and also gel liner application. This little brush is probably my most prized possession in my makeup kit as it makes a world of a difference in the definition of my lines and brows!

Beauty Blender $20.00 – Once again, the hype is real. $20 for a little egg sponge seems ridiculous but for flawless air brushed skin and efficient blending, my Beauty Blender has never done me wrong. Highly recommend buying the bundle on Amazon, 2 for $29 to save a few bucks! Totally worth it.

…*EXHALE!* My essentials may be long but these are all the things I’ve had in my collection for years and that I use on a daily basis. Although, it has easily taken seconds for me to fall in love with all these products, it has taken years to find the right ones for me. Losing all these staples would be absolutely heartbreaking and my heart goes out to all the women out there who ever have! Adding it all up we come to a total of $565.00 and that just the basic stuff! Worth equivalent to an iPhone, I would honestly rather lose that!


Alyssa Camille

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