Patience is Better Than Strength

As much as I’ve tried my whole life to stay committed to a daily devotional book, I always seem to fail but every time I have found myself turning a page into one…He never fails to speak to me. Whether I’m randomly picking up a friend’s devotional thats just laying around or bored at mom’s house and find one on the side table, I feel Him pulling me to spend time. It’s funny how He works His way into my day, especially when I tend to stray away. Today, August 14, 2015, I picked up mom’s “Starting Your Day Right,” by Joyce Meyer. Turning the page to todays date, the devotional for today could not have been more spot on; “Develop Self Control.”

The past few days have felt a bit empty. I’ve been feeling anxious, impatient, and seemed to have no sense of control over my emotions. I’m very big on being present on where I am in every situation but lately my mind has always been somewhere else. I have not been able to fully absorb a moment, understand where I was in time, and haven’t been that great of a listener to my friends. Yesterday seemed to be a day full of disappointments and expectations unmet. Things simply just weren’t going my way. Although, I was having so much fun with my best friend relaxing and spending time with her, she even knew that I just wasn’t there.

In response to today’s devotional, I’ve realized that I was trying so much to take control of things externally in my life that I lost all control internally. Now, I’ve always trusted God and His plans for me and have believed that everything that happens is His will but I guess the true test begins at how we will feel and what we will do when what He has done is done. The past few days of being impatient resulted in me not thinking before I spoke and reckless behavior. I may have a powerful personality but I’ve realized that sometimes pulling back is power in control on its own. When things happen there will always be more than one option. In my case, I could have either let the disappointments take control over me resulting in me not being present or finding it in myself to accept that “it is what it is” and keep going. Today my spirit has been renewed and enlightened once again. I’ve learned that we can’t always take control over a situation but we can always take control of how we’ll respond.

Wherever you are and whatever may be heavy on your heart, take a step back and reflect. Remember your options and choose yourself. In life there are going to be things that we cannot change like the past, our own history, the laws of physics, people, and more but there are things that we can. What we do, what we know, what we think, and how we communicate are some of the most important things we have control of amongst the many. I wish you all the serenity to accept what you cannot change, the power to change what you can, and the wisdom to know the difference.


Alyssa Camille

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