A Dying Art Kept Alive 


There is no more intimate form of communication than writing a letter. I love writing letters because they are something that can’t ever be erased or deleted. Once pen is put to paper, the ink itself is my essential self physically expressed into the world. Now because of modern technology, texts, emails, and even phone calls have now become empty and meaningless to me. It is so easy to press a bunch of non existent buttons or even copy and paste…but the flow and the rhythm of a pen says so much more. No other form of communication yet invented seems to encourage or support the revelatory intimacy of a hand written note. Through script, one can feel and physically see where the ink has taken the writer; through flow, pressure, staying along the lines, finding themselves off track, or running out of room still having more to say. Through the physical action of putting something in black and white that is tangible, I believe, is what humbly keeps on earth rather than being lost in the virtual world. What if the world ran out of power? Separated by distance, how would we keep in touch? Only through letters…letters we’ll have to send.


Alyssa Camille

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