I’m a Little Teapot..

Mad Hatter in Downtown Birmingham is the cutest little place for afternoon tea and DELICIOUS food! This has been my favorite spot all summer simply because I can play dress up and catch up with my bestie with an amazing menu.

Here are my Tea Time essentials: 

Sundress: Your “Sunday Best” would be absolutely fitting and appropriate for a place like this. Think “Tea Party!” Playing the role to its fullest is what makes going here so fun. My Polk dot dress is secretly a romper from Forever 21! A-line sundresses cinched at the waist are perfect.

Wedges: I wore wedges with my dress and so did Krista. Gives you more of a Sunday brunch kind of feel and of course are super comfy! Walking around downtown after lunch was much easier wearing these! The ones I wore this day were from ALDO, cork wedge with black straps! (Not pictured.)

Sun Hat: It just felt so Julia Roberts of me. How could I not?  Got mine from H&M!

Dainty Jewelry: Playing along with the delicacy of the tea set, my necklace is from Tiffany! Lalala Breakfast at Tiffany’s…ya feel me?!

My Menu Recommendations: 

Risotto Bites

Fattoush Salad

Shepherds Pie Bites

The Tacos

Thanksgiving Dinner

& of course all the Teas were delicious!

Ladies, a round of 3 appetizers was very satisfying for me and one other person. FYI!


Alyssa Camille

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