Seek. Listen. Feel. & Enjoy.

As she hands over the camera all I see is a black silhouette of a blob with a head. Not seeing past it I say “This does nothing for me,” and push the camera back. The mountains of Yosemite are shining in the back, the real center of the photo, yet I choose to criticize the lighting of my ombre hair. As funny as it is, how important is it for us to really see life through our own eyes rather than capturing it through a lens? Click. Snap. Shoot. Is all I can hear over the swaying of the trees, or the mist of the falls but most of all, the silence of what this majestic wonder can offer us as sense of clarity or for a moment of peace. A .jpeg can easily be distorted or diminished in seconds yet a memory, a true memory, will last in our hearts forever.

– Yosemite, March 2015.

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