What is “Beauty?”

I was asked this question in one of my makeup merchandising classes and was completely stumped. Haven’t been asked such a difficult question in a very long time and considering how often we use this word, do we truly know the real meaning, or what it is? A lot of things recently that I’ve been reflecting on have simply been undefinable and beauty seems to be one of them. For the assignment’s sake…here’s my answer:

Beauty to me is something pure and something honest. When I think of something beautiful, I like it to feel effortless and free. If beauty were to be a visual being in itself, rather than a descriptive word, I imagine a spirit that is enlightening and weightless. It is a cloud of molecules suspended in air, a state of matter distinguished apart from a solid or liquid state. It is colorful but can be seen at different hues depending on the eye of the beholder. It has a relatively low density and viscosity and the power to expand indefinitely but also be diffused readily. Beauty to me, is fragile yet intangible but far from abstract.


Alyssa Camille

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