The Classic Red Lip


There’s something powerful about a woman making an entrance with a bold red lip. She’s confident, she’s sexy, and she looks as if she’s capable of murder. Since I’ve ever started wearing makeup, I’ve always been afraid of a red lip. It’s a statement that for many years I haven’t been ready to say. It takes a real woman to wear a red lip, the right way at least. There’s a certain class, an ego, and an overall hora that a woman should carry with such a pout.

Today, I felt ready and not only tried a red lip for the first time, but wore it loud and proud. It felt empowering and in a way, arousing. There’s an extra added sex appeal to the power of a red lip and dressed in all black, I definitely felt it. After doing a lot of reflecting recently and having made a lot of decisions on how to live a better life, finally having the confidence to rock a red lip was special to express.

Ladies, makeup is fun and expressive but a red lip is serious business. There are rules and standards when it comes to the perfect application and if not abided by, there’s a high chance of your face looking like a crime scene.

Here are my tips and tricks for a flawless and long wearing application:

1) Prime. Make sure your lips are exfoliated and smooth. Crusty, dry lips are NOT sexy! Take some lotion and a q-tip to gently hydrate and remove dead skin off the surface. Move in circles. The slower, the more effective!

2) Line. Outline on the edge of your lips and bring the color to the center. Once filled in, thicken the outline one more time just to make sure color doesn’t stray.

3) Apply. Applying straight from the tube is risky. A brush will have more control, and will have a lasting stain effect than a thick layer of application. Take your time and use short brush strokes for best results.

4) Set. Take a tissue and press it against your lips. Apply a translucent loose powder with a brush over and take the tissue off. This will make your lips matte and even longer lasting. I personally like them matte, as a gloss can make them look messy.

5) Brighten. If you really want to make them pop, carefully blend concealer around your lips for an even brighter look!

The key to a clean and chic red lip is a careful application. Keep everything from head to toe sophisticated, to be cohesive with such a statement. A red lip will always be in vogue, it will always be a “classic.” Here are the shades the I used that I’ve found go best with my skin tone. Remember that blue undertones make your teeth look whiter!

Liner – Milani, 02 True Red
Lipstick – Milani, Red Label

A red lip is about being bold and fierce. Carry yourself with the same energy and be ready to conquer the world.


Alyssa Camille

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