Stay True To Yourself


No matter where life takes us we’ll always have a connection to our roots and who we really are. I myself, will always be proud of where I come from and what I’ve been raised to be. I moved to this city two years ago and being in such a multi-cultured city, I’ve gained so much learning about different people, cultures, behaviors, and the world in general. San Francisco has the entire world packed into a 7×7 mile radius and even being as small as it is, it still makes you feel microscopic but in a positive and humbling way. Being from Sterling Heights, Michigan may not be as impressive as my friends from Israel or Brazil, but never in my life have I been more proud of where I am from.

Just getting back to the city after two weeks of visiting home, I’ve never felt more like myself but tonight, someone tried to take that away from me. They made me question who I am, my actions, and my beliefs and for a good moment or so I couldn’t find the answers. I’ve always had a very strong sense of self. Just this morning I knew exactly who I was and made sure for someone to know it but it’s crazy to think how one person, whether close to you or not, can turn all of that upside down. Tonight, this person took me to a mental state of uncertainty and feelings of insecurity. As I stood over my balcony looking into the city, I was shaken and forgot who I was. I felt disappointed in myself, in my actions, and even in my thoughts but over what?

Being in a new city with new people, I admit to sometimes losing myself whether it is to the pressures of social status or wanting to fit in but I came here because I felt I didn’t belong where I was before, so what the hell am I doing being anything but myself?! I’ve literally been given a new slate and you would think that when someone is given that, they have a chance to renew themselves, right? I thought so too, until I’ve learned that staying true to who you are and staying authentic will bring much more opportunities to success than conforming to the popular path.

Here are my personal guidelines that I have picked up along the way and am still practicing in order to stay true to myself:

1) Express yourself daily. Whatever it is that you do that keeps you in tune with your mind, body, and spirit, practice it daily. Be in the moment and put 100% awareness into whatever you’re doing. There is nothing more reassuring than listening to what your own senses tell you. I write and through writing it is a thought process for me, usually a million questions at once but always coming down to one answer.

2) Don’t budge. When you’re out and about and see something wrong, say something. Whatever you find injustice, act on it. If your friend is treating someone else badly, tell them what you think. Save that person from making a mistake. You never know when you’ll need them to do the same for you.

3) Stick to your gut. When it comes to making decisions, don’t hesitate or question what you think is true. That feeling in your stomach is usually always right. Don’t ignore it, yet acknowledge it and you’ll see what is the better choice for you.

4) Remember your mistakes. Through new life experiences mistakes are guaranteed to be made but along with mistakes come lessons and they only make you more human. It is better to have tried and failed than to not have tried at all.

5) Maintain solid and true friendships. These people know you best. Being true is about being honest. It’s important to be honest in order to get the most out of relationships. Having those relationships where people love you unconditionally is an essential to having a moral compass when you need it.

6) Trust yourself. Subconsciously we look for validation in others. We want people’s approval and guidance, so we don’t have to be responsible for any mistakes or opposing opinions. Responsibility is about having power over your actions, don’t give that to anyone else.

7) Remember your own goals. Why are you where you are standing today? People that influence you couldn’t have placed you there themselves. You’re there for a reason and that reason has to do with your own desires and dreams. Those dreams are your own and no one can take that away from you.

8) Remember where you came from. Respect your roots and don’t forget your values. Remembering where you came from helps you to appreciate where you are now and to focus on where you’re going in your future. Most importantly, recognize those who brought you up to where you are now. Whoever fills that role, keep them close and always be grateful for their support.

9) Lastly, be yourself. Follow your instincts and follow your heart. Let your personal values be your guide to the right paths that you make for yourself. Be a light, be honest, be relatable, and be candid — it is a rare but incredible quality to simply be human, you’ll be respected and looked to for your authenticity.

Staying true to yourself and being authentic is a challenging prospect that life’s daily obstacles can easily throw away, especially, being a young professional or experiencing a drastic life change. Regardless, the real you will be respected and admired, and your authenticity will be a driving factor towards your success.

With that being said, to all those who have ever made me question who I am and to those who don’t know me yet, allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Alyssa Camille Pablo. I am a spicy Filipina from Sterling Heights, Michigan. I’m a diva who goes after what she wants and doesn’t stop for no one. I follow my dreams and listen to my heart. My heels are high and my nails are sharp. I trust myself but first and foremost, trust God. With Him by my side I can achieve much more than I can alone. Everything I do, I do passionately and whole heartedly. I was raised to respect people, to love them for who they are and not for what I can get from them. I’m in love with the world and believe that whatever energy you put out into it, it always brings it back.

Your doubt fuels my fire, and gives me inspiration for blog posts. THANK YOU…

and goodnight!


Alyssa Camille

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