My First Ever Christmas Party!


Wow! Hosting a Christmas party is seriously a lot of work and I just had my first ever Christmas soiree a few days ago. It was a bit last minute and we just planned it a few days before but my friend Jen and I made the evening happen like we’ve been planning for weeks! I do have a small studio but was able to cram in a bunch of my close friends and coworkers (who are absolutely CRAZY by the way!). It was so much fun and I couldn’t have asked for a better night.

It’s so funny seeing how so much of what I’ve experienced growing up in life with my family is reflected in what I choose to do on my own. I did everything exactly as how my parent’s would have; doing everything just the day before, preparing everything rather than ahead of time just like my mom and cooking and preparing a fabulous meal just like my dad.

The menu included:

Caesar Salad


Deviled Eggs

Spaghetti (Filipino Style!)

Chicken Bites Covered in Bacon

Cheesy Potatoes

& for dessert, Chocolate Pie!

Jen and I slaved away in the kitchen but it was totally worth it. There was nothing more exciting than being able to feed people good food and seeing their reactions! I’ve learned why my dad loves cooking so much and he definitely passed down that passion to me. I absolutely love being in the kitchen now and trying new recipes.

Overall, I’m so happy to say that my first ever Christmas soiree was a success. It was simply good company, good food, and a good time! I couldn’t have asked for a better night! Enjoy the photo’s from evening below!


Alyssa Camille 

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