Goals for this Winter Break!

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Finals are finally over! & so is the weekend before Christmas. If you work retail, you know exactly how I feel! Anyone else just feel a sense of relief that we are officially on break and are free?! The past few days when I’ve had my time off, I’ve just been enjoying being at home, preparing for the holidays, and had just plenty of “me” time!

I wrote down my goals for this break and thought I would share. Lately, setting small goals for myself has really helped me be more productive and help me build my self-esteem. I highly suggest this to people who are very busy like me yet still need a balance of time for themselves.

Intersession Winter 2014 Goals: 

  • Make money and save money. With it being the holidays, it’s definitely gonna be hard to be throwing money in the savings but with how much I’m gonna make myself work, after all these Christmas presents I should have no reason to spend!
  • Work on health & fitness. I’ve recently been trying out some vegan restaurants and different recipes and have been absolutely amazed with how tasty everything is! Their substitutes for protein are absolutely delicious and  have given me the same filling feeling as any other meet would. Also, I’ve noticed with me eating healthier recently, I’ve honestly been more happy and have had much more energy!
  • Sign up for a gym membership. I know I know! I haven’t had one since I’ve moved to SF and I seriously just need to get my butt in there!
  • Register classes for Spring. Ha! This should seriously be on a simple to-do list but I always register so late. Hold me to it, guys!
  • Communicate better with the family back home. This holiday, I’m stuck in SF and I’m hoping to communicate better with everyone at home. I miss them so much and this is gonna be the hardest year, yet.
  • Blog More! Simple as that!
  • and lastly, re-focus and re-group. I hope to take this time to look back on the past year and really put a thought process to my goals for 2015. There’s so much I can learn from in this past year that I’m so ready for a new chapter and a new me. Stay tuned for THAT blog post! 😉


Alyssa Camille 

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