DIY Deco Mesh Bubble Garland


There’s nothing more beautifulon a Christmas tree than it looking FULL! I got this deco mesh wrap idea from walking through Beverly’s. Their Christmas tree displays are to die for! This ribbon garland is super easy and seriously only takes 20 minutes or less. Have fun guys and feel free to get creative!

What you’ll need:

Deco Mesh (3 colors)

Ribbon (If desired for an extra accent layer!)

Tinsel Stems (2 packs)

An open space

Lets Begin!


Step 1: Lay out all your layers of deco mesh and ribbon across the floor. It is much easier to work with when they are all laid out in desired length rather than starting from the spool and trying to roll out more mesh and ribbon later.

Step 2: Layer them in your desired order. Your accented ribbon will look best at the top!

Step 3: Begin bunching the first end together to start the “bubbles.” Wrap a tinsel stem around all the layers to hold everything together. When choosing the color of your tinsel stem, choose one that matches, that way everything will still look cohesive. Wrap only enough tinsel around the ribbon to hold it together. Leave extra tinsel for wrapping around the Christmas tree stems for later!

Step 4: About a foot from the first grouping, wrap around another tinsel stem to close the first bubble.

Step 5: Repeat step 4 all the way down desired length. Fluff up the ribbons and deco mesh to create more of a bubbly effect. This is what your garland should look like when you’re done!

Step 6: Using the extra tinsel you left, begin wrapping the garland around the tree starting from the top.

& Voila! Super super easy and can be done in no time. With several layers of mesh and ribbon, it gives so much texture, volume, and beauty to your Christmas tree! A garland like this can also be made for your fireplace mantel, across the dining table, and even wrapped in a circle for a wreath!

Happy Holidays everyone! Enjoy!


Alyssa Camille


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