Some Light for the Middle of Your Week!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful and productive week. We’re halfway there and the weekend is closer than you think! Anyone else have a rough week? I definitely am with the stress of finals, the holidays, and everything on top of that. I’ve found myself having to be strong for a lot of people lately and through this, I’ve realized how funny God works. This week I’ve learned that when we don’t have a choice but to be strong for someone else, God uses that to instill strength in us for our own struggles too.

To all my sisters simply going through stuff, I just would like to remind you of God’s love. He really has brought me peace and has shown me hope in times where I saw none at all. Desperation can be the sweetest gift that God has ever given us, as He longs to be our refuge and rest in the midst of every storm. It has felt really dark for me lately, hence the lack of blog posts and productivity but I’ve reconnected and refocused with God by my side. I encourage you to ask God to increase your faith and I know He will meet your needs and carry your load of burdens and heartache for you.

With that said, I’m always encouraging living in a positive environment and surrounding yourself with only things that make you smile, so here’s something I read on the daily to refocus and when I’m feeling lost and discouraged. I have this sitting on my desk and read it while I get ready for my day.


Wish you all a wonderful week! Hang in there.


Alyssa Camille 

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