Finals week: Studying tips & tricks!

*exhale* The fact that I’m even getting time to blog right now is a miracle. The past few weeks have been insanely busy with my birthday, thanksgiving, and now finals week. Looking back, these are the weeks that I always see myself falling behind at no fail year after year, whether in school, work, other priorities that I should be getting to. I plead guilty for having a bad habit of never being able to say “no” to a fun night out with friends than staying home studying BUT this finals week I’m NOT letting that happen!

Here are my tips and tricks to stay motivated through out finals and my study tips for how I study better!

1) Keep a clean study area.

There’s nothing more inviting than a space that is clean and ready for you to work. For me, I need a place where I am inspired and can get creative, so my desk is covered in fun colors and of course, girly things. The key is to always clean it up when you’re done studying, so the next day your space is ready for you again! Here’s what my desk looked like waiting for me this morning. Have your favorite candle burning and study away!


P.S. Yes, I did move my office area to the other side of my apartment. I’m always moving around my furniture to stay inspired and excited about my space! Try it!

2) Map your studying out.

Now this is something that I had to make myself do, just to put pressure on myself one night when I was deciding whether or not to go out with friends. I told myself “let’s be honest….you have A LOT of work to do..” so I came up with this. I wrote down all of my classes and every single task that needed to be done for it. Being able to visually see what I needed to do right in front of me, rather than just remembering really made me realize I should probably stay home. Also, it motivated me to check everything off!


3) Flash cards! 

Whether you got vocabulary words, methods or concepts to remember, or even faces, flash cards have been the best way for me to remember information. Have a friend a quiz you and don’t stop until you know them all! These are flashcards I made to remember current editors of magazines. Any familiar faces?



4) Study early, study often.

DON’T CRAM! I am literally yelling this to myself. We all do it, but this is the semester that we wont! When the information is most fresh in your brain, re-process it again when you get home. Read over your notes quickly before bed, or on the subway to work. Studying doesn’t have to be hours on end. Make use of your time between everything, especially during commuting. It takes 3 times of hearing/reading for the average person to remember a piece of information. Now imagine, once in class, second on your own, and third one last time of studying. & i’m sure you will naturally study what you need to know more than that.

6) Hide your phone. 

Lock it up or give it to your roommate! Give them a time to when they can give it back to you and  you are not allowed to ask for it before then. All of your thousands of followers can wait.

5) & lastly, tell your friends! 

There will be tons of nights where you can go out and have fun with them but let them be good friends and ask them not to ask you to go out when they know you have to study. Black out your entire week to stay focused and concentrate. Make yourself deserve that celebratory weekend at the end of the week.

Good luck with your finals, guys! If you have any tips or tricks to share with me please do! I could use all that I can!


Alyssa Camille 

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