Shop Smart This Black Friday!

Many find Black Friday absolutely terrifying. After many Black Friday trips of my own, I can understand why but I also realized that if you go in with a an optimistic attitude and plan, it can be very fun! Hopefully after you read this you’ll feel more prepared to take on every future Black Friday to come.

Here are my few tips to have a successful shopping trip!


Take a quick visit to the mall and go to the stores you are most interested in shopping at. Ask them them what time they open, and what their sales are gonna be. Knowing these things will help for the following tips!

Also remember that many stores already have their sales up before Black Friday! Take advantage of the short to no lines and freshly stocked merchandise!


Following this concept: KNOW, CREATE, & PREPARE


Starting your black Friday totally blind and not knowing what stores to go to when is a recipe for disaster. Not knowing, you will find yourself roaming around the mall having no idea what to do/where to go, missing out on the awesome sales and watching all the good stuff go bye bye.

SO, before you leave to go shopping, KNOW what stores you want to hit first and what time they open. I suggest going VERY early to the number one store you want to go to FIRST, before any other store. You’ll get the best deals first and everything you want from that store that won’t be gone later!

Consider these stores with the LONGEST lines on Black Friday:

  1. Target
  2. Walmart
  3. Best Buy
  4. Victoria’s Secret
  5. Kohls


Creating a time frame of how long you want to be in a store is a very smart move. Not only framing how long you’re going to shop in that store, but how long it takes to get there and check out. Think about the time they open, and if certain deals are only in specific time frames. Malls open at different times, going to the one that opens first, obviously is better, then move on to the next!


Waiting in lines to check out seems like forever on black friday. The lines even to just get in the store are even longer because of their capacity limit. Here are my tips to help prepare for them and how to make the lines go by faster!

1) If you’ll be waiting outside, BRING BLANKETS && LAYER!!

  • *The weather for the Metro Detroit Area is expected to be RAINY AND CLOUDY with a high of 50 degrees and a low of 27 degrees!

2)Have your smartphone on you, which I’m sure has plenty of games and apps to pass the time away.

3) Bring beverages and snacks. Not only for a snack but an energy boost you’re going to need!

4) Make new friends with the people you’re in line with! Share Black Friday chaos stories 🙂 Those are the best!

5) Think about some things you learned this black friday you want to remember for next year!


Being smart about who you’re going to go shopping with is very important. There are pro’s and con’s to going with a big group, and going with just a partner. Black friday should be fun and with a group it can be but not everyone is going to be feeling the same. Someone is always going to have to go to the bathroom at the most inconvenient time, someone is always going to want to go home before everyone else, and someone is always going to want to go to the store that no one else wants to go to! Avoid those situations, by going with no more than 2 other people!

Ladies, consider the disadvantages of going with the opposite sex! Do you really want to wait 2 hours in line at Nike while you could be grabbing marked down hoodies at PINK?

Having just a partner would be easier, in my opinion.

1. Getting around the mall would be quicker

2. You’re interested in the same stores

3. If you discuss you’re strategy and agree on it, having a partner = success!


If you’re shopping and expect to buy a lot of things or just big merchandise in general make sure you take momma’s mini-van or papa’s F-150!


First of all, you want to be comfortable. I suggest the comfy and cute look with a pair of jeans and a cute v-neck. Second, realize that dressing room lines are absolutely chaotic and unnecessary. I HIGHLY suggest skipping trying on and just return it later if it doesn’t fit! But if you really need to, I suggest less layers, faster try on process.

Also, since its fall time we’re all wearing coats but who really wants to carry around a thick coat on Black Friday? MAKE A SACRIFICE and RUN from your car to the doors if your going to a indoor mall and not waiting outside a huge store. Don’t think about the weather, think about all the amazing HOT deals waiting for you inside :]


As much you want want to, you’ll need one! Grab a Starbucks, have a seat, relax, and just laugh at all the chaos around you. Also, make sure to go potty before you get back on the prowl again!


Black friday has amazing offers and deals that everyone drools over but don’t just buy something because of that. Ask yourself if you really need it. Get what you think you really do need with that amazing deal, before you splurge on something totally unnecessary!


Shopping list = the things you actually need to look for and purchase.

Wish list = the things that are okay to grab that you happen to stumble upon with a great deal.



I live for the black friday chaos. Seeing the idiots that wait out in 28 degree weather outside of target, and the women fighting over the last pair of Victoria’s Secret 25$ sweat pants in a size medium is very entertaining!

ME: Why are you getting all dolled up? We’re not going to prom.

CUZ: Uhh..yes we are, What are you talking about? Black friday is like prom of the shopping world!

ME: Yeah thats true…

Good luck, everyone! 🙂


Alyssa Camille


– Can I get an Amen?

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