Sale Alert! 2 for $22 plus coupon!

My favorite sale ever is back on again and at of course my favorite time of the year! I am a serious candle freak and hoarder, and need new ones every season.

The ones that I grabbed this time around consisted of my favorite traditional pumpkin and cinnamon scents for the fall season and ones that simply remind me of home. I usually don’t get the nature smelling ones but the “Leaves” candle reminded me so much of Michigan in the fall, I had to get it. The “Thanksgiving Harvest” reminds me of my house in Michigan with my family around the holidays. I’m going to miss it so much this year but the magic of candles bringing back good memories is the reason why I buy them so much.

The current sale at Bath and Body Works is 2 three wick candles for $22 and then I had my coupon for an extra 25% off! My total was $35 bucks including tax for 4 candles! Can’t beat it!! 🙂 So go to Bath and Body Works now! Enjoy and have fun smelling!

*show this coupon at purchase to get your extra 25% off! & Yes! It can be used with the 2 for $22 deal! 🙂

Alyssa Camille

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