Tonight I went out for a friend’s birthday and had to end the night early. I went to THE most ratchet club I have ever seen in my entire life. Mind you, if you know me well, the word “ratchet” isn’t even in my vocabulary. Not to say that I’m the classiest broad of them all but I literally wanted to go home and bathe in bleach.

I’m from Detroit and for me to feel uncomfortable in a “ghetto” setting shouldn’t be too far out but woah, I literally felt unsafe and scared. My taste in music is all around old school I guess you can say. I enjoy top 40, really love to support underground artists, but the classics from the 90’s are always my go-to. Rap music isn’t really my taste. Surprise surprise, thats ALL they played. Songs that degrade women and praise drugs and alcohol isn’t music to me. It’s a shame. I don’t mean to put down this “culture,” but I simply don’t understand it.

I think that I feel most passionately though about how the women dressed. I saw about a million and one fashion faux paus where they were just trying too hard. PLEASE LADIES WEAR CLOTHES THAT FIT! YOU CAN BE SEXY EVEN WITH YOUR INSECURE PARTS COVERED UP! I did see many women on trend with the knee length skirts, cropped tops, and strappy heels but totally on the wrong body types. Things were hanging out where they weren’t supposed to and everything was see-through! I saw plenty of extension clips sticking out, weaves falling out of place, ladies breaking their ankles in their heels, and too many belly’s, boobies, and butts!

Looking back on the night, I couldn’t believe that the bouncers wouldn’t let my friend in because he was wearing Timberlands (that were totally clean and fresh btw!) but they let in plenty of plus size women basically naked. Ironically enough, the man to woman ratio was probably 1 to 10 and of course all they did was stand against the wall and stare. At least go up to them and make a fool out of yourself and disrespect them like they do in the music you listen to? #oops #iwentthere

I’m probably going to get a lot of animosity for this post but I just don’t get it! I’ve seen and heard the word “ratchet” way too much lately where I question why this look and lifestyle is really trending. Why is it cool now to be ghetto? The most beautiful woman I saw all night and that was getting the most attention, was wearing simple cut off denim shorts and a black graphic tee. For a girl who grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, even tonight was way too much for me. Leaving early was not just a smart decision, but a safe one.

SO, if anyone can please explain this to me, I’m all ears. Bed time for me in my clean, classy, rap music and STD-free home! Night night!


Alyssa Camille

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