Sarah Jessica Parker & Oscar de la Renta


In response to Sarah Jessica Parker’s beautiful tribute to Oscar de la Renta:

I send my condolences to the De La Renta family and wish them a sense of calm and comfort at this tough time, but I will admit that the first person I thought of when I heard about Oscar de la Renta’s passing was Sarah Jessica Parker.

SJP is my all time fashion icon. From her crazy outfits in Sex in the City, to her everyday street wear, and red carpet glam. I look up to her taste and sense of style. SJP and Mr. De la Renta had an incomparable friendship in the fashion industry. She wore countless numbers by him on and off the red carpet and also considered him a personal friend. All of SJP’s best moments were always in an Oscar de la Renta dress and unfailingly received an applaud of a response.

Their friendship is every fashionable girl’s dream. To be able to pick up the phone and call the world’s most renown fashion designer, and to ask if he can create something for her next event? That’s something only SJP can do. Her heartfelt tribute to Mr. De la Renta left me with an aching pain but probably only a fraction of what Ms. Parker is feeling. They both were native New Yorkers that shared an innate sense of elegance and grace and not to mention they both were always referred to by their initials.

From SJP’s tribute:

There are wonderfully talented designers, emerging and upperclassmen, but he really was singular, and he has left a vacuum. Others will come along and will eventually make ball gowns with pockets in them — with stripes and polka dots, garden party gowns. But nobody is meant to fill the void. They can’t. All I can think today is, “That’s it. That’s done, that extraordinary moment in time that he created.”

The fashion industry is feeling a tremendous loss but there has never been a true friendship in the industry so longterm and loyal. One day I hope to achieve such a friendship. Who knows if it’s with a legendary designer but one where two are creatively and fashionably ingenious with one other, every girl can dream.


Alyssa Camille

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