DIY: Glitter Heart Inspiration Board


I’ve decided to make some changes, life changes, and your biggest supporter will always be yourself. So! I’ve put together an inspiration board to inspire and motivate me as I make my moves. I think everyone wants to be successful in life, right? So this inspiration board will be compiled of quotes to get me going, images of my icons and role models, images of things I want in life, and anything to inspire me. I think that laying things out and making a plan makes a huge difference in getting what you want. You can only get to where you want yourself and should never rely on anyone else!

To make my inspiration board a little more “me,” I wanted to add some glitter! So I went with a huge gold heart right in the middle or in other words, “A Heart of Gold.” My inspiration board will be filled with things I need to be successful and things I want when I am, but to have “A Heart of Gold” is what I want most. In order to achieve my goals I think that this is the number one thing that will get me there. So smack dab in the middle is my reminder of what is most important in life; to be an honest, kind, and down to earth person. Someone with a heart of gold is sweet, trustworthy, and puts others first before themselves.

Moving on, I can’t literally give you DIY on how to have a heart of gold but I can show you how to make one! 😉 here’s easy step by step guide on how to make your inspiration board a little more glam!

  • What you’ll need:
    1) Bulletin Board (Target or Office Depot)
    *I got my bulletin board from Target for only $11.99. It’s probably even cheaper at other targets if you’re not shopping in the city. This one is 23in x 35in.
    2) Mod Podge (Beverlys or Michaels)
    3) Glitter (Beverlys or Michaels)
    4) Paint Brush or Foam brush (Beverlys or Michaels)


1) Trace out your heart or desired shape with a pencil. I just drew out a heart on a piece of paper and taped it on.

2) Take off your tracing tool and fill the heart with a good layer of modpodge and cover in glitter. Let dry for 30 mins.

3) Clean up around the edges of the heart and paint on another layer of modpodge on top of the glitter. This will seal in the glitter and it won’t flake off over time. Let dry for another 30 mins.

Depending on how much modpodge you put on will determine the drying time. I was very generous with mine so I just let it dry over night.

…and voila! You’re finished. You’re “tangible” heart of gold!

Alyssa Camille

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