Product of the Week: Maxi 3 Lashes by Lash Lab


I love the magic of what lashes can do for a look. For myself, I love that they make my eyes even bigger and add extra glam to them as well. I just got my hands on one of our newest lashes at Lash Lab and it’s our new doe shaped Maxi 3’s. They are mink and even with how long they are they look totally natural. I’ve had so many compliments on them since I have mostly been wearing them alone with no eye makeup, just liner. The doe shape is perfect for my round eyes (and head!). The band is still the same on our new lashes, light, durable, and feel like nothing!




Come see me at the lash bar or at the salon to play with our new styles! We custom fit them for you and if you’re new to lashes, we teach you tips and tricks on how to apply easily and best!
In this post: Maxi 3 (doe)



Alyssa Camille

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