My Home Diary: My Office Space

When I was little my mom gave me and my younger brother our own little spaces called our “corners.” Besides our own bedroom, this was our spot to play with all our toys and hang out in that was a little extra special than the rest of the house.

Now that I’m all grown up, I’ve made a “corner” of my own! This little nook in my studio is my area to get glammed up in but mostly where I study in! I try to keep it mostly for school work but my makeup and jewelry love living here too.








Here are my desk essentials that I believe I need in order to keep my space organized, to look cute, and get the job done!

1) Box & Folder Organizers. I am a student! So organizing all my art supplies, notebooks, textbooks, and important files is a must! I try to keep my office space as glam as possible so hiding as much clutter is what I am for. I got the white boxes from Ikea! They can be labeled as well and only cost around 5 bucks each!

2) Huge chest. In the chest covered in shoes and everything fabulous I have all of my craft supplies. They all fit perfectly in there and the box is super cute! Got this box for $7.99 from Ross.

3) Monogram Mug. I love this mug! I always saw them at Anthropologie but I refused to pay $15 for a mug. Papyrus has them for $5. The use is obvious, to store all my colorful pens and highlighters!

4) Books. I love books and am always referencing my fashion books for school and blogging. They add height to the dynamics of my desk and I love looking at them!

5) Thank you cards/stationary. I am obsessed with stationary and collecting cards. It’s so important to always express your gratitude to those who deserve it so keeping these handy always remind me to do so! The “Small Card, Big Thank You.” Box set is from Kate Spade and is my absolute favorite!

6) Words of Encouragement. I framed some of my favorite quotes and sayings to lift my spirits up throughout my day. Whether it is a push of confidence or a push for strength, my framed quotes really make a difference in my desk space! I highly recommend this out of all my essentials because it keeps me motivated and is a great reminder of the greatness that is possible.

7) Cute decor. Since Halloween is coming I put my little pumpkins on my desk and they make it feel more like home. The XOXO frame on the easel is from Papyrus, I love the gold touches and it’s just so feminine. My dress form is from White House Black Market. They were shutting down in the mall and were throwing them away!

I think that what’s most important for your office space is to have a space that inspires you. Whether you like it super clean or cluttered or in between, whatever works best for you is always best. I love having an empty canvas of a white desk and furniture so I can play with pops of color and can always change my space. I surround myself with things that I love and make me smile. The more of “you,” the better!


Alyssa Camille

P.S. I will have a separate blog post on my makeup organization πŸ™‚

Shelving: IKEA
Chair: Wal-Mart
Lamp: Target
Dressform: White House Black Market

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