Designer Feature: Michael Costello

Now, if I were to award a designer for Designer of the Year CFDA awards? I have to give recognition to this guy because I have been non stop following him since his debut on Project Runway. I am so excited for what he has become so far and everything he is going to be.

Although he is currently not a member of the CFDA, I would award up and coming designer, Michael Costello. His work has recently boomed amongst the red carpet and I doubt that any of his work has been on a “worst dressed” list. He completely understands a woman’s body and makes them look so sexy!

His designs and aesthetics are a signature look that only he can understand! The way he flatters the figure is extremely rare truly embodying what a designer should DO! I know within the next year his dresses will be amongst the top pick for ALL red carpet events. I think he is extremely talented and going to become a household name. I am in love with the way he shapes a woman’s body and I would do anything to get in one of his dresses!

2014-10-21 11.39.24 am


2014-10-19 11.47.27 pm 2014-10-19 11.46.29 pm 2014-10-19 11.35.23 pm 2014-10-19 11.34.00 pm 2014-10-19 11.33.23 pm 2014-10-19 11.32.40 pm

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