Product of the Week: Charcoal and Black Sugar Face Mask


My face SERIOUSLY needed a deep cleansing this week. I’ve been wearing full makeup with lashes almost everyday and my pores are begging to breathe! Oops! That’s what happens when you work in the beauty industry. Well, today is Sunday fun day and it’s time for my face to get a little TLC. Tonight I am using my favorite face mask/scrub ever, Freeman’s Charcoal and Black Sugar Facial Polishing Mask. Whenever I feel that my face has been buried in too much makeup, I put this on to give it a good exfoliating cleanse. It also smells super yummy you almost want to eat it!

You can grab this at your local Ulta (that’s where I grabbed mine!) or CVS. I’ve checked Walgreenz a few times but only some carry it! It’s only around 6 or 7 bucks. Freeman has other face scrubs but this one by far is my favorite. The scent isn’t too strong like the others and I’ve just had better results. After using this my face feels so clean and soft and over time it has really evened out my skin tone.

If you try it, let me know how it works for you! 🙂 there’s nothing better than a little at home facial spa night!


Alyssa Camille

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