5 reasons Why It’s Completely Okay to Stay In Tonight

I swear that it’s not coincidence that it’s a Saturday night and I’m posting this blog…and no I’m not trying to convince myself of these reasonings either. I’m an introvert just like many other people and it’s cool! No need to feel guilty, anxious, or uncool about being at home tonight in your favorite pajamas and cuddled up with a glass of wine. This time alone is good for you and is only making you a better person.

Here’s why:

1) You’re making yourself a more desirable person. Let’s be honest. It’s been a LONG weekThis past week was stressful what ever your 9-5 is and you’ve been stressed out, bent backwards, and pulled left and right. This does no good for our inner mantra but more importantly the possible stress wrinkles on our face. This is your time to recharge! However you express yourself best, do it! By doing so, you’re releasing wonderful energy into the world and it will only come right back at you!

Also remember that although you may be MIA from the party, you are creating a demand. Where is Alyssa Camille tonight? Yep, they think I’m VIP at a better party.

2) You’re actually being productive. What ever you decide to do tonight that you chose over going out for drinks and getting drunk is probably more important right now anyway! Catching up on Dancing With the Stars, an at home facial and mani/pedi,  or taking a bath in your jet tub has been on the “to-do” list for too long now!

3) You’re saving money. You know you want those new shoes from the new SJP Collection that are waiting for you at Bloomy’s with your name on it. Realize that going out is expensive! One night out needs a receipt pocket book of its own. Cabs, cover fee’s, drinks, drunk food, acting like a big shot and buying the next round for your friends is easily a $200.00 night. You’re simply being responsible and those new shoes you’re going to grab on your lunch break come Monday will thank you for it.

4) You’ll have fun next Saturday night. Don’t feel ashamed that you’re missing out on the scene. Your friends are all making terrible choices and mistakes right now that if you were there, you would have to deal with. No need to worry about who’s driving home tonight, holding someone’s hair, and most importantly who you’ll be going home with. Nobody said that you can’t go out tomorrow! 😉

& lastly,

5) You chose to stay in. Remember that the most amazing person on the planet is you! Only you can bring your own happiness and not anybody else. You deserve to do what you want and tonight you chose to well, do you! So sit back, relax, and look around at your beautifully chosen habitat. Staying in tonight was a GENIUS idea!


Alyssa Camille

P.S. If it’s a Saturday night and you’re at home reading my blog, thats even 10 more bonus points for you! 😉

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