DIY Glam Pumpkins


Trying to bring Fall to San Francisco has been a struggle but as soon as I saw pumpkins in Trader Joes I grabbed as many as I could. Here is a super easy DIY that will make your home fabulous for fall.

What you’ll need:

I grabbed all of these from Beverley’s. (SF’s version of Michael’s) All together costing around $25! Beverley’s also takes Michael’s or Jo Ann Fabric’s coupons for those who live in the Bay Area!

The pumpkins I grabbed from Safeway. A whole bag full of little fall festive veggies cost around $10. You can see the bag in this photo I posted on Insta.


Let’s get started! Here is an easy step by step of how I put together my glam pumpkins.


1) Lightly coat with a layer of mod podge. I do this so I have a smooth even surface to paint and decorate with. (Don’t forget to wash the pumpkins first!)

2) Paint! I chose a baby pink acrylic paint that only cost 99 cents! I put two layers to make everything nice and even. The paint will take a while to dry so I set out the pumpkins on my balcony over night.

3) The next morning the paint was dry and all I did was stick the gold paper fasteners all around the pumpkin! And TA DA! You’re finished!



1) Layer generously mod podge all over the pumpkin.

2) Sprinkle glitter all over the pumpkin. The big bottle of glitter was only 5 bucks from Beverly’s. Had to get the big one because you know you’ll be seeing my glitter DIY’s very soon. Make sure to put a clean sheet of paper underneath the pumpkin so you can save the excess glitter that falls off and put it back in the bottle!

3) I set out the pumpkin on my balcony for about an hour to dry and let the glitter set. It probably didn’t need this long but did as long as I could to be sure!

4) Paint on another layer of mod podge on top of the glitter so that the glitter won’t fall off. Definitely do this! Cleaning up glitter all the time is a PAIN!

5) Set out to dry over night! and TA DA! 🙂 Enjoy your beautiful glam pumpkins! Fall has never been so fab!


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