No Better Feeling.

2014-09-25 06.08.30 pm

He never disappoints. Although I have struggled to make time for my Faith lately with this crazy thing called “life,” More recently I have been connecting with God on a whole ‘nother level. I’m so grateful and blessed for all the things He has been doing in my heart lately. Whether it is waking me up with a energy for a beautiful day, calming me down when I’m most stressed, or reminding me of His everlasting grace, God is my ROCK! I have vowed to never close my bible. It is always sitting open on my desk waiting for me to dive in and of course with perfect timing God knows exactly what to say to me on the perfect day. No scripture has left me hopeless and no prayer has left me scared. I’ve realized that just as much as it is important to speak to Him, it’s just as important to listen. Here’s what He said to me today:

My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed: I will sing and give praise. Psalm 57:7.

David began this psalm asking God to be merciful in his time of struggle. Although this time was hard for him he declares that although his struggles are great, his heart is fixed since he is trusting in God. From this I learn to feel confident that there is nothing too difficult for me to handle. God is sovereign and he rules over heaven and earth. All of us face different calamities in life whether it is a negative person or a situation we just don’t understand but I’ve learned to remember to trust in God.

From my daily devotion:

“May we so learn to trust in the Lord that we can say, “My heart is fixed” even in the most difficult of times — when the way is dark, when facing discouragement, when others are departing. And when there is a temptation to compromise in order to please men, let us stand firm with our heart fixed because above all we desire to bring glory to God.”

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