P.S. I Love You

There’s something so enchanting and magical about writing letters and sending cards. Maybe because I’m a Gen X kid who has grown up with the beginnings of technological advances but still! I highly enjoy sending out cards to friends and family whether on occasion or just because. In middle school and high school I was always writing notes to friends and would fold them up into little paper footballs. Anyone else? I’m pretty sure I spent more time reading notes passed between classes than actual textbooks in school. Being far away from home, sending cards and notes with stamps all over has been my way to send out extra love and appreciation.

Here are some reasons to re-consider the fun in snail mail:

1) Unfortunately phone calling is a dying institution and texts just don’t mean as much anymore. The average American sends and receives an average of 88 messages per day. Your “thank you” or “I miss you” can easily be looked upon!

2) The advances in cards and stationary have become very impressive and witty to say the least! I’ve found many museum design note boxes that many people would enjoy!

3) How excited do you get to find something in your mailbox other than bills? Do this for the one you love!

4) All things digital are taking over our lives. A personal card in the mail will be much more impactful! It’s really sad that a sincere appreciation for someone has been replaced with a
#womancrushwednesday or an I miss you is now a #throwbackthursday.

5) Your card or letter is a tangible act of love. It can be put on the fridge, framed, or put somewhere special that the receiver wants to see everyday. This easy and small gesture has the power to put a smile on someone’s face every day & not just on days that start with a #.

I thought I would share this adorable new set of stationary I grabbed from Papyrus. They are little Polaroids!! There were several different kinds with different collections of real Polaroids from real people. Check out your local Papyrus for fun and witty collections of stationary!





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