SF Pride 2014

I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful weekend. This was my first PRIDE ever and it was everything I expected and more! It was so beautiful to see all these people come together to celebrate love. The entire weekend was a huge party and I’ve never seen this city so alive. All of the events, live performances, DJ’s, and guest appearances also made the entire celebration a SHOW. From people stripping off of fire escapes to S&M displays, pride weekend was not for the faint hearted. Energy drinks upon energy drinks were needed to get through the weekend. Thank God my apartment was literally a block away from the main events, my roommate and I snuck in an hour nap inbetween! Shh! From my balcony, you could see the stages on the streets and feel the crowd move. Words will do no justice with how alive this city was! I’m so proud to be part of San Francisco as this city has so much to pride in. I believe in equality and was so happy to be able to support all my gays. #equalrights #loveislove

My PRIDE outfit:

Tank: Sugarlips
Jeans: GAP
Shoes: Converse
Suspenders: Castro
Bow: DIY by Me!

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