Vichy Springs

Finding time for myself and relaxing has been impossible lately. So this small getaway not too far from home was the perfect place to “pause.” When I was in Israel I got to experience the wonders of mineral water and the beauty it does to your skin. My skin was itching for a fountain of youth once again. I yelped for hours trying to find the perfect hot springs in Northern California and I came along Vichy Springs.

The resort was just a few hours away from San Francisco near Napa Valley. The scenic route made also it easy to drive. Although I love my 5 star resorts and I grew up staying at the Hilton, I needed to be as one with nature as possible far far away from anything established. This family owned property of natural life and cottage style rooms were exactly what I needed to relax.

Vichy Springs is most famous for their mineral baths picture below. They are the only resort in Northern California that offers naturally warm and carbonated baths. They also have hot mineral pools, Olympic size pools, a spa, and acres of private hiking. The baths of course are my favorite. For this meditation and miles away from home retreat, it left me feeling relaxed and renewed.






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