MY HOME DIARY: New Coffee Table

I wonder if heaven has an IKEA where everything is free and you have a beautiful house to decorate with angel movers that will do everything for you…If so, kill me now. I got a new coffee table! Yes, IKEA from the LACK collection. My mini living room area of my studio is slowly coming together. I’m most excited about accessorizing and have been pinteresting coffee table decor like crazy! So far I’ve grabbed a breakfast tray, some candles, and threw on some books and glossy’s for now. For this apartment since I want it to be as clean possible, I plan to have neutral furniture with pops of colors in the accessories. I feel most inspired by bright colors and find that they really lift my mood. The lamp is also new as well as some throw pillows on the couch. So far this little nook has been perfect for watching movies, karaoke with friends, and simply entertaining. It’s crazy how much I have stretched the square footage in this studio and I love being proud of my home.


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