There is no other word that I can think of to describe the beauty of this country except for “majestic.” This really is the Holy Land. I travelled all over this country (which is a very small country btw!), and every part North, south, east, west is so different and beautiful. My highlighted moments from going to Israel include the beach in Tel Aviv, The Dead Sea, Riding a Camel in the desert, and most definitely seeing Jerusalem. I definitely plan to go back to Israel because I know I didn’t see everything but the trip overall was unforgettable. From partying to praying, I’ve fallen in love with IsraelIMG_3290!
IMG_3356 IMG_3361
2014-01-26 18.32.16
2014-01-26 22.27.59 2014-01-27 05.36.48 2014-01-29 18.19.32 2014-01-29 18.20.22    2014-01-24 16.44.53

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