Matthew 6:34

Matthew 6-34

This is one of my most favorite bible versus. I usually try not to get stressed out easily or get anxious but when I have my days, this verse is my reminder of God’s grace. My current struggles include finding an apartment in San Francisco, finances, and finals coming up. My mind is literally running on a thousand miles every second. I’m so anxious to find a place as myself and my roommates are racing against time. I still haven’t booked my plane ticket to leave, final projects need to be started, all along with trying to spend time with family and friends. BTW…I work two jobs too. You would think I need to slow down but barely anything is getting done. There are days where I just stare at my computer screen for hours accomplishing absolutely nothing. It’s so hard to be productive when you have a thousand things to do and don’t even know where to start. And with that I know I should just start off with praying. Praying that God will provide and will keep my restless heart and mind at peace. Readers, prayers are appreciated as I know His grace is sufficient.


Miss Pink Nouveau 

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