Save Me, San Francisco


Usually when I go away somewhere, I get home sick and really miss home. Yes, I did miss home when I was in San Francisco but more so the people than the “city.” When I was in San Fran, it immediately felt like home. For some reason, the city just felt right and the city was so good at welcoming me. The buildings are beautiful and the people are great. Everyone I got into contact with, whether a new friend or just the cab driver was so genuinely nice and helpful.

I didn’t get to do many “tourist-y” things that most people do when they go to SF, just because our main goal for the trip was to see my beautiful school and look for an apartment. First, we took a tour of the fashion building and let me just say – FINALLY! Being an online student, I’m sick of seeing pictures of what my classroom will look like and just staring at my computer screen. I finally got to see the hundreds of sewing machines, the never ending lines of mannequins, the giant baskets of canvas fabric, and of course my fellow colleagues that were working ever so hard on their current projects. The classrooms look like an episode of Project Runway with designers sketching, draping, watching their models walk in the clothes to see how it moves, all in their own little world, – basically my little piece of heaven on earth. Now, I may not be a design student but it feels so damn good to see and so good to be inspired again. IMG_2828

We checked out the dorms and immediately it was a no-no for me. We took the tour of a few of the dorm buildings and the rooms and I just felt so uncomfortable. I know that I’m not really meant for the “full college experience,” with living in the dorms and everything because when I stood in one with the thought of me living in this small room, I wanted to cry. No offense to the people who currently live in a dorm, it’s simply just not me. My wardrobe would take up half of the room, and yes I do need to bring it all with me.

We also checked out a few studio apartments for myself, then I finally got to meet my potential roommates, as we looked at some two bedroom’s as well. The studio’s were a no, and the two bedrooms we’re considering BUT the last place we checked out is our favorite. Myself, my mom, and my roommates all think this is the one! The Fillmore Center is absolutely beautiful. It’s in a great area and it’s amenities and perks are perfect for all of us. We are really praying for this place so fingers crossed and prayers would be appreciated! πŸ™‚

Other than our never ending housing searches, San Francisco did treat us well. The shopping was amazing! After dinner and between appointments we’d always fit in a little shopping. I actually did really good this trip and only bought things that I knew I wouldn’t regret. One of my favorite stores is this awesome Japan-based store called “Uni Qlo” where I bought the cutest fleece jacket and navy parka for the rain. The malls were so interesting because they had to be at least 6 stories high!


I also made some great new friends. My roommates, I think, even if we weren’t going to room together and I met them somehow, we would all be friends. Their names are Niki, Chantal, and Kiara. They are the sweetest and funnest girls and I can’t wait til I come back to see them again. They are all photography majors. Niki is from Connecticut, Chantal from San Diego, and Kiara is from Guam! We are an interesting bunch! πŸ™‚ I got to have dinner with them my last night in San Francisco and also hang out and enjoy the city afterwards as well. I must say it is interesting how God works and it was an immediate bond. I’m really praying that everything works out because I couldn’t imagine trying to find new roommates after having such a fun night with them.

So much was accomplished this trip. We found a delicious filipino cuisine restaurant, I got to see my school, explore a little bit of the city, and I met the greatest people! God was so good to us the entire weekend. Keeping us safe, feeding us good, and bringing us to the most helpful and nicest people. Also, keeping me and my mom at peace πŸ˜‰

I absolutely love San Francisco. I can’t believe that before this trip I was having doubts on whether I would enjoy the city or not. There may be no place like home but I’m sure I won’t have a problem adjusting in this beautiful city.

And of course…big thanks to my wonderful momma for taking me to San Francisco and supporting me in everything I do!



Miss Pink Nouveau

One thought on “Save Me, San Francisco

  1. Hello,

    I know this is a new post but do you mind giving me your review on the school and how much tuition is/was? I’ve gotten mixed reviews and haven’t found the information about tuition or housing. May I ask, do you still live in SF? If so, may I ask you about off-campus housing as well? Because I’m not fit for ‘dorms’ or ‘college living’ as well. lol (You’re welcome to email me your reply.) Thank you!

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