My Travel Essentials

I’m having an amazing time here in San Francisco! The city is even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. I can’t believe that in less than 2 months I will be able to call this home. I thought I would share my travel essentials, as I have traveled quite a bit now and packing is always my favorite part! I packed light this trip since I only had a carry on and found that these things are what I need, and what every girl needs most!



1) A light jacket! Either a denim or leather cropped jacket would be perfect to layer and pair with tons of outfits. I got mine from Dry Goods for $39.99. For my local friends, Dry Goods is located at Twelve Oaks Mall! One of my top 5 favorite stores!


2) Natural Eye Makeup Palette! This is my current favorite. Too Faced “Natural At Night” eye shadow collection. It had the most gorgeous natural colors for day and night! Palettes are easier to pack, and you’ll still have plenty of options! Sephora, Too Faced, $32.00



3) Nude Flats! Perfect with any and every outfit for a trip. These babies are from Target I grabbed for $20 by Mossimo and are fairly comfortable after breaking them in!


4) For fall/winter season trips, a cream knit infinity scarf goes with everything and is so cute!
H&M – $14.50


5) Face wipes are so much easier and convenient to pack. You don’t have to worry about fluid ounces, and is easy after a long day of adventures! Neutrogena- $6.79 (local drugstore)


6) Sock Donut Bun. Here in San Francisco, sometimes my hair just did not work and didn’t want to cooperate with the unfamiliar climate. Other places you travel, may do the same. I suggest a sock donut bun, for the unexpected bad hair days, or days where you’ll be out and about/ don’t have time to really do your hair! I made mine out of two socks rather than one, for a bigger bun!


7) Perfume. My current favorite is Viva La Juicy from Juicy Couture! Ulta- $52.00


8) Magazines are a must for the plane ride! I always grab a handful before I board. This trip I brought my favorite issue from Glamour featuring the beautiful Selena Gomez.


9) A Parka! I bought one this trip at this amazing store called UNI QLO. It is the one that is pictured and is “packable,” as you can fold it and fit into a tiny bag. It’s been raining here in SF so this parka has been perfect for the weather!


10) Last but not least of course you need a camera! To capture the moments you wouldn’t experience back home! Canon Powershot @ (Price n/a)

Hope my travel essentials were helpful 🙂 Until next post, have a fabulous day!


Miss Pink Nouveau

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