This Year…


I’m officially 20 years old! I’ve had the chance to blow out candles on 2 cakes, meaning 2 wishes! Yet in my case, 5 wishes – wished twice! Yes, I cheat and squeeze in as many wishes I can before blowing all my candles out! 🙂 shh! But since I believe in wishes not coming true if you tell them, I’d like to share my hopes for the next year.

I’ve grown a lot within the past year. I’ve learned many lessons, many taught the hard way. This year I hope to apply what I’ve learned and truly become the better version of myself. Officially an adult, officially a woman, there’s no other identity I’d want to portray than a fabulous woman of God. This year I hope to see more, listen more, appreciate more, and love more.

Thank you to everyone who helped celebrate this new year with me, my new start. I had an amazing 20th birthday celebration – I love you all!

Here are some photo’s from all the lovely birthday events! 🙂





(will upload more later!)

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